Help!!! What would you do?


Which should I get?

  1. vert d'eau city

  2. vert gazon part time

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  1. I'm torn between a vert d'eau city and a vert gazon part time.

    Vert d'eau is such a pretty color, but is not as versatile. It will be hard to wear in the fall and winter. It is also easier to get dirty. Vert gazon is easier to wear year round and is a nice bright shade. But will I regret not getting the vert d'eau?

    What would you do in this situation?
  2. i'd go with the vert d'eau city only because it's more of a neutral therefore you can were it year round. Also if the color starts to fade..the only one you'll end up hating will be the vert gazon because it's supposed to be this bright green...while the vert d'eau will age nicely because it'll give the color more of a vintage feel..if i had to make a choice...i'd choose the vert d'eau...out of the two it looks like the one that i'd be happier with in the longer run.

    but it's up to you after all so goodluck and let us know what you end up choosing!~
  3. My vote goes to vert d'eau
    Grass green is way too bright for me
  4. Problem both.:yahoo: However if funds can't stretch that far, I love the vert gazon, its so bright and vibrant.
  5. vert d'eau is my choice....:nuts: :nuts:
  6. I too vote for the vert d'eau .you already feel that you would regret. Use it for the summer and get a darker bag for the winter.
  7. i love vert gazon. but im particular to it because i get everything dirty.
  8. In RH or GH?
  9. This was an easy decision for me, 1. because I like the City style a LOT, as it's such a go-everywhere size and shape, and 2. I just like the look of the Vert D'Eau. Not that keen on the other green. :biggrin:
  10. That is a hard choice!
    I voted Vert D'Eau City - I think it would look fabulous in a City style.
  11. vert deau gets my vote anytime!
  12. I love VG........and it looks great in the PT. It's really a versatile color.
  13. vert deau here as well. And i think in a city it would be stunning:heart:
  14. Yikes... tough decision. You can't go wrong with either!!

    Go to your closet and see which one is going to go with more! I instinctively would go for the Vert Gazon - but I have NO idea what I would ever wear it with!! So for my closet (blacks, browns, turquoises, blues, pinks) - I would probably have to go with the Vert Deau, even though I :heart: the idea of Vert Gazon... Make sense?? ;) What colors do you love to wear in clothing?

    Good luck!
  15. Vert D'eau!

    ...but I'm biased :p