Help! What would you do in this situation?

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  1. I am a nanny and my last day was supposed to be tomorrow.

    BUT, a few days ago there was an altercation with their 2nd grade daughter. She's 8 but looks like a 4th grader, b/c she's quite large. The daughter, Kim was in a bad mood. No shocker there. BUT, it progressed into VERY violent behavior by the time we got home. She was saying things like---and I quote---"I want to kill you and John (her brother)." "I killed a guy in a park once who bugged me and I burried him. That's what I'm going to do to you and John." " You are gross, gross, bad little girl, Crystal (me), and I'm going to kill you." "I hate you John because you are weak and I know where to hit you so you'll bleed. Then I'll bury you." She ran to the kitchen and pulled a knife (not a butcher knife, but the kind you use to cut onions). I had told John, her 7 year old brother to go to his room and not come out.....but he had the door cracked and saw her in the kitchen with the knife and ran out and tried to stop her..... I called her parents. Long story short, her parents took her to the psyche ward. Diagnosis.....Anxiety. yeah right.

    The mom was very friendly to me during the 3 months I worked there. She took me under her wing a bit showing me the city (since I was new to this area).

    BUT, now she's trying to orchestrate a "goodbye/going away" get together where I can see the kids, hang out for a few hours, etc. The kids expect a present I know, b/c they told me a few weeks ago that they wanted a Pokeman video game.

    The parents owe me 40 bucks, but by the time I bought the kids gift and wasted 2 hours of my time on kids that drive me CRAZY (and freak me out), I'd rather skip it and just send the mom and email telling me how I feel.

    Staying involved with them is just too emotionally draining.

    Is that wrong since the mom has been so nice to me?
    What would you do if you were me? HELP!
  2. OMG The kid scares me. If one of my children said those things they would definately be institutionalized. The parents don't seem to be taking this seriously. When she kills her brother I guess they will!?! That is NOT at all normal for a second grader.

    I would stay away! FAR AWAY!
  3. to be honest, as nice as the mom was, if her daughter pulled something like that on me, I'd say her trying to orchestrate a getting together was just to try and make sure I didn't say anything bad about her daughter to anyone. I would tell them thank you but no thank you for the party, say you've made other plans, or, if they try to put the party off, write them a nice letter telling them how much you enjoyed babysitting for them yada yada yada and that you hope the kids grow up into adults that you can be proud that you helped nurture. Then I'd leave it at that...that stuff with the daughter is just too creepy to stick around for, no matter how nice the mom was to you!!
  4. Wait... why do you have to buy these little rats a gift when you are leaving?? I would just tell her you're not showing up the last day and return the gifts.
  5. yikes! i don't think you should feel like you have to go, just because the mom is nice to you. the daughter sounds like a nightmare!
  6. That's really creepy and sad! I would stay away too.
  7. Hey everyone! Thanks for the replies.

    Good point on the mom not wanting me to tell anyone! She already sent me an email yesterday asking me not to mention it to any of the other moms at the kids' school. I wouldn't anyway, but now it's impossible since my last day was supposed to happen tomorrow, but now they won't need me (due to the hospitalization).

    I still haven't bought any gifts for the kids. It's just kind of expected by them, as they are quite spoiled. The mom and dad know they owe me money, but I DON'T CARE! I'd rather just not see any of them anymore. The problem is that I don't know how to tell them.

    She wants to do this get together on Saturday or maybe even Sunday afternoon. I could say I'm sick all weekend long. They know I'm starting classes on Monday anyway and that I won't have much free time from Monday onward. I just don't want this to drag on.

    Part of me wants to be nice, the other doesn't care about them and cares more about me and what I want to do. I'm conflicted!!!
  8. Wow. Unless you need them for a reference, I'd just away and not look back!
    As for buying the children gifts....that's silly IMO.
    Their parent's sound like they have enough money to buy their kids gifts. You owe them nothing and they owe you $$$!!
  9. I was thinking I should send the mom an email (I don't want to call her on the phone because I don't want to get in the position of having to discuss anything.)

    What should I say in the email? How should I word it?
  10. that daughter sounds dangerous and very worrying considering her age. i hope she doesn't turn out to be a psycho years down the road...

    i'd politely decline the party. say thanks but i'm really trying to transition etc. write a thank you note. you can give the kiddies a gift and make everyone happy and move on with life...
  11. Hi "Jane"

    it's so kind of you to offer to organize a farewell party for me but I'm currently trying to transition to XYZ which has been really time consuming. As such I don't think i'll be able to really enjoy a party at this time. I've enjoyed getting to know you and your family and appreciate all that you've done to help me get to know the area when i first arrived. I wish all of you the very best and thanks again.

  12. are GOOD! Thank you. That sounds very cordial and polite. I like it. :smile:
  13. ^ i'm glad to be of help! =) you can change things a little to sound more like you...

    can you see that i've had a lot of practice writing forcibly polite emails???:supacool:
  14. :wtf: The little girl said those thing??? How terrible! I am glad she was hospitalized. I do hope the mom doesn't just want to cover things up. If I were a parent, I would want to know what was wrong with her daughter, and the best way for other kids or parents to help. I agree with everyone and would not go to a get together and the note you are working on sounds great. I would also mention that you truly hope her daughter gets the best medical and emotional care available to not only ensure her well-being, but the well-being of those around her. She sounds scary...she is threatning human lives! Good luck, Chrysta and thank goodness you are out of there!!!
  15. whoa.... I think you should do whatever that makes you feel comfortable. If you don`t feel like giving goodbye gifts to the kids, then don`t (and personally, children should not be asking for gifts like that.... I think it`s quite rude.... Or maybe it`s cuz I`ve always been the introvert kid so I`ve always been shy to ask for ANYTHING which is why I guess I`m so independent now...). Also, even if the mother`s been nice to you, you owe her nothing. There was simply an exchange of service from you and money from her, so don`t feel like there are still loose strings attached because afterall your job is done:yes: