HELP! What would u do? take RT city and run:) or wait..


Should Oula take her RT City HG, or wait for a new more POP colour!

  1. Take the RT City and run as fast as you can..

  2. Hold offf for new red, magenta etc. cause it POPS more

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  1. HI Ladys!
    Once again me, undecided old me..doesnt know what to do..
    I've been asking you before what new colour i should get for my collection..something a bit more vivid..most of u voted for red and i wanted to hold off till the new red arrives
    BUT I stumbled over a HG bag of mine a gorgeous, mint RT City below retail..
    So what do you think! Should I go ahead and buy it or hold off till magenta and the new red(or pray for some money rain and buy both ;) )
    HELP everyone, :heart::heart:
  2. BUY IT! It's your HG bag, and do you think you'll ever find another below retail mint RT city anytime soon? Go ahead and buy it - if in the end you end up wanting one in a new color, you could always sell the RT on eBay...
  3. OMG, if its your HG and Mint and below retail, i'll say grab it and sprint of coz!!!
  4. I say buy the RT. I always buy the one that will get away because I know I can always sell it later if I like something better.
  5. OMG...if I could find a RT City in MINT condition and BELOW retail, I would grab it and RUN, RUN, RUN!!! :woohoo: Most of the ones I've seen on eB** and elsewhere were upwards of up to $400 above retail!! I love RT too but not enough to spend that much!:nogood: Go girl, GO!!
  6. snap it up while you can ...
  7. RT all the way!!!!!!
  8. Mint RT below retail... grab it. It you don't like to you can always sell it and get one you like better.
  9. I say if it's a HG then take it and run.
  10. go on take the RT and Run!!!
  11. If it's your HG, I would have to say take it now and run!
  12. a mint RT below retail????? are pigs starting to fly??????
    seriously, buy it now, ask questions later!! you can always sell it (in about 2 seconds) if you change your mind...
  13. Hell must be freezing over

    Buy it !!
  14. take the RT and run!!!!!
  15. Grab it and run. And I hope you run fast, because I bet there are some other members trying to figure out where on earth this bag is. I see soooo many people dying for RT. You can always get it and then if there's a spring color that you really really love, pass on the RT at that time to another devoted owner.