HELP! What was your favorite pair of Maternity JEANS??

  1. Have been looking for maternity jeans. Never thought this would be as hard as buying regular jeans. What was your favorite and best fitting pair that you found? I am in need of some help. I did find a pair at Old Navy, but I'm not completely satisfied with them. I'd be willing to spend more money on a pair that fit me really well. Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance.

    PS. If this has been discussed somewhere, please let me know. With the search feature being down, I didn't want to sift through hundreds of pages of info. I was also trying to find info on maternity clothing in general and the best places people have found to buy things.
  2. Well, for the jeans you have tried where do they fit/not fit you well? What do you like or not about them?
  3. The problem with a lot of the jeans for me is that I'm a "tweener" body size. I usually wear a Medium/Size 8 (sometimes size 6), but when I tried the maternity size M they were too big. So I went to a size Small, but I have hips and thighs so alot of the jeans were kinda snug in the thigh area. I don't mind wearing jeans that "hug" my body but I'm not really into the "jeans as a second skin". I have the classic problem in regular jeans of a curvy bottom and small waist. I do like the stretchy panel, feels very comfy on the tummy. In fairness, I've only tried on jeans at 3 stores. Thought I'd see what other ladies liked and go from there.
  4. Gap and Old Navy have maternity pants to match what stage you are in your pregnancy. Also, they have short and long lengths. Target has good maternity clothes too, Mimi's has cute stuff but I think they're expensive. I'd rather save my money for a nice diaper bag!
  5. My favorites were 7 for all Mankind Maternity jeans. They did cost quite a bit but I wore them ALL the time and only bought one pair that I wore until I gave birth. I am a size 4. I found they fit me really well because I really only got big in the tummy area and these fit true to size. They fit like their regular jeans and have a small tummy panel in the front. When I got to the end of my pregnancy I just folded it down under my belly. Other maternity jeans were always too big in my thigh/butt area. Plus, these look FABULOUS!
  6. I got some maturity at both gap and old navy.

    I like the ones at gap more. I am wearing the maturity jeans from gap today, they have sizes like 6, 8, 10 and different lenght. It fits me very well and it feels comfortable.
  7. My favorite are the Roll-Panel GAP and Juicy Couture. I also had 7 for all mankind, but they were only comfy for me after I cut the elastic out of the waist in them.
  8. Gap and BabyStyle. BabyStyle were the nicest and fit the best - but they were also on the pricier end. Thing I loved about BabyStyle maternity clothes were that they were stylish and flattering and weren't just "hey, look at my belly" kinds of cuts.
  9. I lived in the Liz Lang maternity jeans from Target. They were so comfy, well constructed and nicely priced.

    I love your avatar kitty! It makes me laugh!
  10. i only had one pair, which were paige. i loooooved them! i tried on other pairs too but these were my favorite.
  11. I've been wearing GAP Maternity demi panel jeans. I like that they come in different lengths and aren't too expensive. Plus they can get pretty cheap when they go on sale and you can make free returns online. I think they look decent too. I just didn't want to spend the $$ on designer jeans that I would also have to hem. And if I gained too much weight, I'd have to go up in size and buy more sizes. I just hope I can fit back into my nice designer jeans after the baby is born :sweatdrop:.
  12. I'm with betseylover - another vote for Paige Premium denim. They are pricey, but they're really cute. I had a ton of people tell me how great it was that I was still in regular clothes when I was about 5 months, since they looked like normal cute, stylish jeans. The belly band is really comfortable and the denim is soft. I ordered or tried on probably 8 different brands, including Rock & Republic, Seven, J Brand, Serfontaine, AG, and a few others, and Paige was my favorite. I also tend toward the pear shaped, and they're a good fit for me.
  13. I live in my Maternal America... but lately I have been living in these jeans from American Eagle... they aren't maternity, but the waist is super low so they fit perfect.
  14. I have Citizens of Humanity that are really nice. They were pricey - $180, but they fit very well and last all the way through pregnancy.
  15. My favorite pair (and they still fit) continues to be a cheapo pair of Liz Lange from Target. They aren't too low to where you are constantly pulling them up when you walk. They have a nice distressing, boot cut and were cheap!