HELP! What to Wear With Yellow Bag???????????

  1. I love the yellow Epi but am wondering what colors I will wear with it if I buy one. Please help. Do not want to make an expensive mistake. :nuts:
  2. i would wear a yellow bag in all black or grey or navy...
    but i think if u're someone who can pull it off, a nice bright dress will look cute too! crash a little red summer dress with this bag, or even a colourful dress!
  3. I had that same problem. I got a bright yellow Epi once because it seemed so cheery and sunshiney. :happydance: I imagined wearing it with black and gold, or with bright summer "vacation" type outfits. :supacool: However, I never used it once. Not at all! For me it WAS an expensive mistake. :tdown:

    However, I still like the way it looks in my closet! I just don't like the way it looks on me!!!:p

    Good luck with your decision. Hopefully others here can give you some good advice on the "pro" side!
  4. purple, blue, brown, white, blk, pink
  5. Actually, I thought the same thing would happen to me!!!!! What you think MIGHT look good doesn't when you start putting these bags next to your outfits. I have only a really short time to bid and now reading your post, I'm not really sure I should. Well, I live in Florida so we do wear lots of light colors so that is a major consideration for me. Guess it will depend on the price and I will let you know if I get it. By the way, why don't you sell your closet treasure since you are not wearing it and probably never will. Just wondering.....since I have some of those of my own. LOL
  6. I either wear mine with black or colourful outfits (but usually black)
  7. I would wear it with black, brown or purple:tup:
  8. purple, navy, black, brown, white...
  9. I have a yellow balenciaga and wear it with blacks, greys, denim (blue & black), purples....there is a lot!!!
  10. You definitely HAVE to wear something purple since yellow Epi has a purple interior! So maybe some black pumps, black skirt, and a purple top. :tup:
  11. blues, violets (inc. lilac and lavender), grey and very light pastel prints.
  12. when in doubt, neutral colors, but i say that blue would look awesome with it.
  13. purple (coz of the interior), whites, black, greys :biggrin:
  14. Head to toe black, with gold jewellery.



    Chocolate brown.
  15. Wow, so on the money....surely shows it off!!!!!!!!