Help! What to wear with these metallic boots???

  1. I saw these Marc Jacobs at the beginning of this year...but I wouldn't let myself try them on, since I know I can't buy it with the price tag it comes with. Then this weekend...I saw it again!!! It's been 8 months, and as I'm shopping this weekend, it appears in front of me, at 40% off...what am i supposed to do! Of course I tried it on and fell in love with it. I think it was fate that brought us together... Now I own these shoes....but I have no idea what to wear it with! (hehe...that's something I didn't think about when I tried it on) They looked totally cute under my jeans....but i guess that defeats the purpose of tall boots? :P

    They go up to right under the knee, but it's not totally tight around the my legs, (it's one of those that you slip on). Mine are not as bright as this picture shows. *edit* The second picture is more of the right shade. :yes:

    I need your help, you guys are always so good with this! ...please give me some suggestions as to what outfits I can wear it with.

    Can I wear this for Day AND Night? (I want to see if I can wear it to a club in vegas this weekend too!)

    Thanks a bunch! :flowers:

    marc jacobs boots.jpg jacobs.jpg
  2. :sad: Can't see the photo, but they sound gorgeous! Hope the pics upload soon, I'm dying to see them!
  3. I think I fixed it now, thanks for the heads-up. =)
  4. ooooh those are hot :beach: congrats on your purchase!! :yahoo:

    for day i would probably wear those with skinny jeans tucked in and a cute top, or with leggings/tights and a great sweaterdress..

    and for evening they'd look amazing with a cute mini or mini dress :nuts:

    actually i think they'd go with pretty much everything :wlae:
  5. jc2239, I didn't even think about skinny jeans...maybe i need to wear it to the store and try to see that that look like, thanks! Do you think mini would look too hoochie with it? If not, what should go on top? Tank? Tight fitting? or loose fitting top?
  6. i was thinking a mini might look a little hoochy but for a night of clubbing i think it's fine it all depends on the type of skirt that you choose.....a chiffony pleated number could help to tone down the boots :yes:

    i think they'd be cute with just a simple straight black mini and a cute tank and blaze, or a close fitting mini and then a more balloony long sleeved top or just a toned down pleated mini with a polo shirt :shrugs:

    and would be sososo cute with skinny jeans
  7. and i feel like in a slightly different color scheme this work would go great with your new boots :yes:

  8. Ooooooo! These are so cute! I love that 2nd outfit too! I might actually be able to wear it to work...hehe...I can just imagine the looks to these people's faces. I work with a bunch of conservative engineers, one time a guy gave me a hard time because I paired pink with a light green cardigan...I'm like, what's wrong with that color combo?! he shook his head and said, "that just does NOT work." I'm going to take fashion advice from a 50 year old guy who wears nothing but levis jeans. I wore it even more after he said that. hehe...yea, I get a kick out of these people's comments. :angel:
  9. Yes yes yes!! That's a great look. Killer boots :jammin:
  10. They're lovely and such a gorgeous, silver-gold colour! :heart:

    I'd wear them to brighten black, grey, brown, or muted colours; like darker blues.

    They would look great with jeans, or a long, full skirt. :biggrin:

  11. Good for you! :lol:
  12. I hear you! I work in the world of IT so it's torn jeans and t-shirts or polo shirts. And that's dressing up for some! Some of these people don't even wear shoes half the time. :shrugs: But hey, they are changing the world with technology so who am I to say anything :angel: