*Help* What to wear with flats?

  1. Im thinking of buying a pair of Tory Burch reva flats, but im not sure what I would wear it with and if i will make good use of them. What do you guys wear with flats? pics would help :yes:
  2. Flats usually work with everything, I think. Jeans, skirts, the possibilities are practically endless.
  3. I wear my skinny jeans.
  4. i agree they look good with anything...with skinny jeans especially!!
  5. I agree with all of the above.

    I love flats with crops too...
  6. I think a better question is what don't they work with. I wear them with jeans, skirts, cropped pants, and as part of a business suit. They're very versatile and more comfy than heels.
  7. Ohhhh, I love TB reva's... I have a bunch and they're really comfortable and cute! :heart: I think you could rock them with most things actually! :tup: I don't have any pics of me wearing them, but I wear them with skirts, skinny and bootcut jeans, ankle length skinnies, etc. :smile:
  8. I LOVE flats, I have so many pairs of them. I typically wear them with jeans(mainly boot-cut to flare cuts) and casual trousers. They also look great with knee length skirts, capri cut pants, and even sweat pants(a pair I have from VS is the signature style, and the look is very cute rolled up with flats!!) And if one day I don't feel like wearing heels, they go great and are also dressy enough for suits/business attire. Also, in the summer, I love wearing them with shorts. The possiblities are endless with what you can wear them with. The flats you posted are very cute!! They would look great with some dark wash jeans!
  9. I think all my suggestions have been said, but because fall is coming along a nice pair of leggings and a full sweater-dress.
  10. Pretty much everything! It's all been said before. I usually wear mine with bootcut jeans, though. My hips are too big for skinny jeans *sheds a tear*.
  11. i was thinking skinny jeans/leggings

    im short 5"1 105 lbs
    any suggestions on what brand of skinny jeans will be good?

    also any suggestions as to where to buy cute leggings and dresstops/sweater tops to go with it? ;)

  12. i wear flats with everything, they go with everything IMO, even shorts!
  13. Don't wear them with below the knee skirts as that will shorten you.
  14. I think they look good with everything
  15. especially skinny jeans