Help! what to wear to interview @ saks

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  1. Hi everyone! maybe u read about my phone interview thread after making it through 2 rounds of phone interviews, i finally got invited to nyc and visit saks corporate offices!! this is my dream job to work for a company like saks... i'm not sure what to wear. should i def wear a suit? or a nice top with a skirt?? def no pants so any suggestions are welcome! and is it tacky to bring my lv purse with me because i dont have a briefcase to bring and the from the devil wears prada they are frowned upon haha

  2. My sis works for Saks in Manhattan. She went through months and months of interviews before landing the job. She was interviewing for an assistant buyer position. Her experience was that they were definitely looking at her clothes and her style. She dressed according to the department she was interviewing with and the person that would be interviewing her.
    What position/department are you interviewing for? I'm guessing it makes a difference.
    Good luck! I wish I worked for Saks. When double discount comes around she can get items at almost half off!!! In fact, double is this week. (Desperately hoping for a MJ Hudson for Xmas) Lucky lucky lucky.
  3. Be conservative but show your sense of style too. Wear very good shoes. I would stay away from logos but that's my personal preference....
  4. surprisingly i interviewed with them on monday and then again today and then im going to nyc next wed pretty fast turnaround i think they really need someone. im interviewing for a financial analyst position so i dont know how much they would be looking at how i dress i know it will count but not as much as it would for a buyer position.
  5. :yes: i agree with you about the shoes! i was thinking of staying away from logos but i need a bigger purse i dont know! at least i have a couple days to think about it
  6. Well, in that case I would err on the side of being conservative. I would wear a dark colored suit. Why do you say def no pants? It's cold there so a pantsuit would be appropriate. I would acessorize your suit with a pop of color or something to show your sense of style. I would wear closed shoes. No slingbacks, no open toes. If you opt for a skirt suit, wear a nice, classic long coat if you have one. Well groomed, short nails buffed or polished in a neutral color. Unfussy hair and makeup. No perfume. I know it sounds strange but I have actually bee to an interview where they had a sign posted asking people not to wear perfume because one or more people that worked there are sensitive to smells. You don't wnat the unfortunate luck of having an great interview with someone who is gagging the whole way through because they happen to have a sensitive nose. Finally, I think your LV would be just fine if you don't have a nice solid colored non-logo bag.
  7. wow!! Congrats on getting an interview with them!!
  8. i would wear pants but its hard for me to find pants that fit properly so i have a couple knee length skirts.. so def a suit? thanks for your input it helps
  9. it's hard to wear an appropriate enough outfit that isn't a suit ... you would have to super creative and fashionable and conservative at the same time; it can be done but it's hard!
  10. I've been told many times that the shoes are super important, so keep that in mind.

    I think, above all, the fit of your clothes should be perfect.
  11. clean lines!!!!

    If your interviewing for an analyst postion, I would most deff wear a nice suit with a crisp white collard top. Stay away from big jelwery, logos, and bright colors oh and deff light on the makeup and maybe tie your hair back. I read in one of my classes, that some interviewers do notice these things.
  12. Shoes are important and I agree about the no logos. Its not cold in New York actually this week it was about 55-60 degrees (insane). Wish you luck!! Where a dark suit!!
  13. i was thinking of wearing my hair back.. do u think that looks better? probably more professional
  14. ^^Definitely tie your hair back. I always do for every interview I go to.
  15. fitted knee length skirt with nice black turtle neck and one great chic necklace. also GREAT shoes (preferably high heels, the shape of the heels is very important to me to determined if the high heels is good or not), and of course 1 great bag (can be something chich & designers, but not the one that screams the logo)

    btw, good luck! :yahoo:
    i hope u nail this job!