HELP !what to wear to attend a wedding dinner right after my office hour?

  1. I am invited to a wedding dinner in a 5 star hotel on this Friday night, the dinner stars at 7pm , which means I have no time to go back and have a change of my working attire.

    So my question is , can you please recommend something that is suitable for my office wear and also to a wedding dinner? i am an accountant, by the way. ;)
  2. In situations like this, I usually bring an extra outfit to the office, hang it in the cloak room, and then change in the bathroom just before I leave for the event.
  3. ^^^I agree.
    Or you could wear a basic skirt to work, bring a dressy top, and shoes to change before you leave the office. But if it's as fancy as it sounds you may be better off bringing a dress with you to work to change later.
  4. the classic little black dress...just keep a cardigan on at work then when heading out take it off for the wedding dinner. also change your shoes.
  5. I agree with above..wear a black dress and then put on some nice accessories for the wedding. Or do a really quick change before going.
  6. I'm with the quick change method - you'll feel refreshed and out of work mode:tup:

    I opt for an office without windows or the restroom to change:p
  7. Wow great idea!!, i 've never thougth to change in the office as this is my work place. But i like the idea to wear a black dress and change a pair of shoes for the night !1 thanks ladies!!
  8. ^ You could also switch your jewelry to something more sparkly and formal, and transfer your stuff into a little clutch, if you want to look more "wedding-y." KWIM?