HELP! what to wear to a summer wedding after 6pm...


hopelessly addicted
Apr 11, 2006
so my DH's cousin is getting married june 4.
I have to say I have only been to one wedding and it was a pirate theme.:P
I dont know what to wear to this!!
I googled stuff, and get the basic info:
*dont wear white
*dont look like the stripper from the bachelor party the night before
*dont dress like your going clubbin'

but unfortunately, amongst all the fluffer articles, there's not much help..
The invite was worded formally, but there was no information on whether it's formal or not....
I know they were trying to keep it small.
It's going to be held at a family residence and the reception I believe will be in a park nearby. But there's a whole wedding party, bridesmaids and groomsmen...

All i really know is I think I want to wear something long.....and most likely straps or sleeveless
I was thinking an emerald, but I dont know if this color is summery or not...


can anyone offer up any advice??
any cute dresses for under $200??
I know the PF is my savior!!
help me ladies!
Jan 4, 2009
I think a long printed gown would be good for a nighttime summer wedding in the park. Perhaps a more casual dress and dress it up with some nice accessories if you aren't sure of the wedding attire. Doesn't necessarily have to be a print, it could be solid, but when I think summer wedding I think florals for some reason. If you are going to be in the park you don't want anything too fancy I don't think. I think a gown in the emerald green would be lovely. I really like the second dress you posted, but I think something like that might be a bit too fancy.


Dec 13, 2010
Something like the last two pics you posted except in a more summery colour. Like lavender, pale pink etc.

BTW who designs that green long sleeved dress Angelina Jolie is wearing I LOVE it!
The long sleeves make it a better choice for fall imo.


Apr 13, 2007
Go to
I have found many wedding party and formals
there.Tthey have lots to pick from and the shipping is great!
It's right under your budget!
They had a similar green dress like the one Kira has on hope you find it still!


hopelessly addicted
Apr 11, 2006
thanks lady ;)

i've also been looking at anthro stuff. they normally get nice dresses for summer, but so far im not head over heels anything. i have my eye on a winter kate dress. im going to hit up my local NR on thursday to see if i can find anything, and if that fails, i think i'll order the WK dress....