Help! what to wear to a concert in Miami

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  1. Help me please! I am going to a concert in Miami, Florida next week and I don't know what to wear! I live in Central America and have never been to a concert in the states (actually, once, in North Carolina) and I fear what I would wear for a concert here wouldn't be appropriate in the US...can I wear tennis shoes? is that ok? how crazy do people get in concerts? are people allowed to drink and go crazy like here?

    Here, what I would wear for that same concert would be nice jeans, comfortable heels/mid heels or flats, comfy jeans, and really nice top, with hair done and natural make up....does that sound about right? am I supposed to dress up? If anyone is familiar with the Miami area the concert is at the American Airlines Arena...Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Who are you going to see? That might help nail down a look, or is it a music festival?
  3. A hispanic singer, Ricardo Arjona
  4. I don't see why you couldn't wear jeans/flats etc. Miami has a large Hispanic population and the temperature is relatively similar to South America.
    I know for most of the concerts and festivals I go to my go-to outfit is jeans, and converse or lacoste tennis shoes and a long singlet or two.

    When you're dancing and standing around during a three hour long concert you want to be comfortable! No one will care what you are wearing anyway, they'll be too busy enjoying the concert like you! :biggrin:
  5. I love Ricardo Arjona! Is it at the American Airlines arena? Is it assigned seating? Honestly, people in Miami dress up quite a bit but there will be some dressed down as well. Nice jeans, comfy heels and a little cute top would be fine. Have tons of fun!
  6. nice dress and sandals.

    jeans and hot weather...ugh the humidity! lol
  7. Thanks Jen_Sparro, Reesee and Jahpson

    Reesee, yes it's at the american airlines arena, yes it's assigned seating I believe...I wasn't able to buy tickets to watch him in front of the stage so I got best available :sad: which was the people that are "on top" of the ones in front of the stage but I making sense?

    I have an idea! Maybe I'll go shopping in Miami before going to the concert! :P

  8. Great idea :graucho:

    I think anything will be fine for that venue. I personally would wear dressy jeans and a top with heels (since you will have a seat and not have to stand).
    Que la pases bien!
  9. Gracias!

    I have never been to the American Airlines Arena so I'll find out next week...that's what I thought about wearing, dressy jeans etc...I'll see if I can find me something nice over at Dadeland or Aventura, whichever I get to go first! thanks for the input Reesee!