Help!! What to wear for a Cabaret themed Wedding??

  1. I'm at a loss... I have no idea what to wear to a cabaret themed wedding! If anyone could give me pointers, better yet, post pics of what would be suitable, I'll xoxoxo you! :love: TIA!!
  2. Anyone? I'm running out of time! :sweatdrop: The wedding's this weekend! helppppp!!!
  3. Wow! That's a tough one. Do you know how themed everyone is going? If no one is making a huge effort, perhaps you could just wear a really basic dress, and wear a feather headpiece. You could also style your hair into a 1920s style which could be fun.

    Then, right at the other end of the spectrum you could do the whole shebang...flapper style dress with tassles, long pearls, headpiece, mary jane heels. The possibilities are endless!!!

    I've attached a couple of shots to sort of show what I'm talking about...See next post...
  4. flapper1.jpg


    These two are actual costumes, but when I'm talking about just doing a little bit of theming, you could wear a black dress paired with a feather head piece so it's in keeping with the cabaret theme but you're not going crazy.


    Here's an original shot for inspiration!


    This is the sort of hair I was talking about...sort of crimped and pulled back.


    And lastly, a real life example of a dress that isn't actually meant to be a costume but is completely in keeping with the theme.

    Is that of any help? :confused1:
  5. While I dont have any suggestions, I am interested in seeing pictures. Theme weddings are becoming more popular it seems since I was invited to a pirate themed wedding (no joke) -- imagine buxom ladies in corests and alots of flowing open shirts on guys. I kept telling my friend that this was the worst romance novel cover in history......
  6. Ha ha ha, Clake, that is hilarious!!!! Where do people come up with these things? I so dare you to go with an eye-patch on and a stuffed parrot on your shoulder...and you have to spend the whole night saying "Ah argh, me matey" :roflmfao:
  7. Alwaysinvogue, thanks sooo much! sending *kiss kisses* your way!!

    guessing that DH wouldn't fancy me having my hair crimped that way, he'd probably tell me it looks awful on me and to go wash it out, or he'd bite his tongue and faint from the effort! lol....

    is wearing a feather on the head (like the pics) the only way to go for a feather? I feel sort of like a red indian....
  8. Maybe watching the movie could be inspiring - or fast forwarding through it...
    The feather headpiece is right on:smile: Would DH be willing to do a top hat?