**HELP** What to use on BURNS?

  1. I had oil in a frying pan and some of it splattered onto my face :tdown: now i've got two red dots on my face on on top of my right eye and the other on the side of my nose

    ive been using neosporin for the past two days since it happened, im scared they will become scars. anyone know anything else I can do?

  2. well neosporin was going to be my first suggestion, but you're already doing that which is great! i think it's really the most important step to prevent scarring. i've read that the law firm concentrate is supposed to be really good for burns/scars, but it can get pricey-if you want to try it out you should just stop by a counter and ask for a sample.

    i hope your face is okay, thank goodness it wasn't any worse! i hope it gets better soon, please keep us updated.
  3. Neosporin and Vitamin E oil work well to prevent scarring.

    If you need something to soothe your skin in the meantime, aloe gel or burn cream will make it feel better.
  4. Yes, I agree with the aloe vera gel.
    Hope you get better soon, oil burns are the worst!
  5. mederma works great for scars. I've used it to help prevent scarring on my face from a dog bite. You can get it at any drugstore.
  6. ive just neosporin which worked well..

    and what also works well is popping a gel cap of vitamine e and rubbing it into your skin. that works wonders!!

    also rubbing pure aloe in is soothing..

    hope u feel better!!