Help! What to get for a guy friend..

  1. Ok.. my friend is leaving to go back overseas to work..
    I want to get him an LV goodbye gift.

    I know he likes small accessories as he has a Damier 6 CC billfold and a taiga coin purse..I don't need to get him an agenda as he lives by his phone/pda

    Could you give me some suggestions what i should get for him.

    So far, i had narrowed it down to:-

    1. 6 key holder in Epi or taiga
    2. Pocket organise in Epi or Taiga (i wanted the tobago but it's sold out in Sydney)

    I'm not sure how useful the pocket organiser is though..

    Any suggestions??
  2. I love tha taiga line! So anything in that would work! LOL I like the idea of the pocket organizer!
  3. Maybe a belt?
  4. i like the belt idea
  5. Sounds like he needs an epi- what about a cles? They're the most useful things I own from LV.
  6. ^^oh, the Champs-Elysees pendant- my SA was trying to get me into that.
  7. I got my friend a khaki mini monogram cles for Christmas this year, and he LOVED it!
  8. I like the belt idea also!!!
  9. I think the Taiga Pocket Organizer would be great!
  10. I likve the idea of a belt as well. Or even some nice LV lofers.
  11. I would go with the key holder since the pocket organizer is just another type of wallet and he already has the Damier wallet. And I would go with the Epi because he already has a piece of Taiga. So my recommendation is Epi 6-key holder.
  12. my vote goes for key holder in taiga. i just love taiga :smile:
  13. What about that LV ring? (which was posted in the shopping section a while ago)... otherwise, Does LV sell cufflinks too?? as i was thinking about some burberry cufflinks but not sure if sydney has them

    Shalom.. that pendant looks great. i didn't see it in store on Monday though... Just some men brooches/pin things
  14. ^^they had the pendant & ring from that range here ...and they do sell cufflinks ..what about a tie:smile: