Help what to do???

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  1. I've decided my next bag is a Pomme Bellevue PM ($785) It was going to be my reward for training & Finishing a race that ends early Oct.
    But with this price increase coming up in a few days... I feel I should get it now.. but at the same time I feel guilty for getting it now, when its supposed to be my reward at the end.....

    What to do... What to do!!!! :crybaby:
  2. Get it now and save money.
  3. If it's a reward/incentive, I would wait. Otherwise, you're just shopping, using the price increase as justification.
  4. Get it now and save yourself some money. If you can, hold off on using it until after you have reached your original goal...but I don't think that I could do that!
  5. I know that will 100% be me! hahaha
  6. i know.. thats what my practical side is telling me... :sad: hmmm
  7. ITA! If it was a reward, then you should get it after you complete your task. 5% increase is not going to justify spending the money now. Get it later :yes:
  8. I agree with cheweyvy, get it after you do what it's meant to help you do!
  9. it's only $25, just wait and stick with your plan
  10. get it now. store it. promise you wont take it out until its time.
  11. buy it, but make someone (bff, dh anyone) hold it, and it has to be returned if you dn't finish your goal!

  12. agreed!:tup: good luck with the race!!