HELP!!! What to do?

  1. Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I have too many H bags”? I just asked myself that question and without hesitating answered – NO WAY!!!

    The reason why this questions came up is because I am going to Paris later this month to pick up a crocodile bag I ordered last year and will post pictures at the end of the month when I get back. I spoke with my SA in Paris and can place a SO when I am there and wanted to get your opinion on which bag and color I should order.

    To start, I have the following colors: black, blue jean, vermillion, gold, vert anis, etoupe and ebene. They are mostly birkins, 2 kellys and 1 lindy. I am thinking about placing an order for a JPG shoulder birkin but can’t decide on which color. I have been wishing for an orange for a long time but have it on order from my locate H store but don’t know when I will get it. Should I get the JPG in orange or order a new color like the new yellow (official H name?) or a classic color like gold? Maybe I should consider another bag:confused1:.

    Sorry for the long post but my DH does not share my passion for handbags and tPF is such a great place to get opinions that I decided that I need to get help here and have fun along the way. I don't post much (soon to change) but love reading everyone's stories and sharing your excitments.
  2. Gosh how exciting! You have such a great collection already. Are your Birkins all the same size? I notice that you don't have a rouge H in your collection yet, so that would be my suggestion.
    jpg IS Nice!:graucho:
  4. i like rose's suggestion (as well as your collection :drool:), or, how about raisin?

    also, do tell about your croc order...what color????
  5. I second the Rouge H suggestion. Sounds like it would round off your lovely collection.
  6. My thoughts exactly when I was reading your bags color list, Rouge H :heart:
  7. My birkins are mostly 35cm with the exception of 1 which is a 30cm. I do love Rouge H and have seen the shoulder birkin in this color. Thanks!! It is always so hard to pick once you start collect these babies.
  8. Dear Ms. Moda:

    How about Orange or Potiron?! They are great color for fall/winter and can also be carry year-round?!

    Have FUN FUN time and can't wait to see what you've end-up with?!
  9. Can't wait to see your new croc!:drool: Love Rouge H!:heart:
  10. Fantastic collection you have. Rouge, raisin are great for jpg.
  11. Great collection :tup:
    But, SO for bags in Paris are closed at the moment...:push:
  12. how about raisin or brighton blue?? Depends really what colors you love!
  13. Your collection sounds lovely! Hermes orange is such a wonderful, sunny color. Have you tried on an orange bag?