Help! What to do with stretched holes on my ears?

  1. I am not loving the look of the stretched holes on my ears!!! I heard I can have it surgically done to reduce it but I fear it would leave a scar. I like wearing wire/hook dangle earrings and they make the holes even more visible!!! I dont wear heavy earrings at all but when I was younger, I used to forget and got lazy to take off my earrings and just wore them to sleep so thats probly what caused it to stretch out over the years. Not to mention wearing those gigantic pearls I had for over a year but I didnt even wear them everyday. I can only wear studs and loops now to hide it. Anyone got the same problem?

    P.S. The holes are at the side of my ears, almost too close to the skin on my face, and prefer them to be in the middle. My studs dont pop out because they are way too positioned on the side. I plan to have them pierced in the middle but what do I do with the other holes? Surgery would probly close them but like I said, it might leave a nasty scar!
  2. The only thing that I can think of to recommend to you is to wear bigger backs on your studs,they have more surface area and the back of your ear takes the weight instead of just the hole,I swapped to bigger backs on my dia studs as the weight made them tip forward,and squeezing them really tight to stop it really left my ears smarting!!! One of the girls I know who is a fab goldsmith soldered a disc on the backs,drilled a hole through it,Bingo!!! problem solved!!! I have a feeling this could be very effective to you too, what do you think?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. chaz is this what you mean by a bigger back? Pardon my ignorance please.:nuts:Posted pics of what it looks like. It really does feel secure on my ears but Im not loving the holes on my ears which are positioned at the side rather than the middle. sigh.
    DSC02797.JPG DSC02799.JPG
  4. what do you mean by where your holes are in your ears?? what do you mean by side?? having a hard time figuring that out....
  5. I do have the same problem but have never heard of anyway to fix it. I never that constant wearing and sleeping in your earring could do that. They are kind of heavy but since I never change them, I never take them off. Maybe I should start!
  6. hold on...will post a pic of my ears in a short while....
  7. Yes thats what I meant by the backs exactly,but I'm waiting for the pic of your ear so I can grasp what you mean.xxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Ok here are pics of my ear hole that has stretched out :yucky: and with the stud. Also notice that I have another tiny hole on top. As you can see, the stud is not set at the middle of my earlobe but more on the side. I hope Im making sense LOL.:nuts:
    ear.JPG stud.JPG
  9. sorry this was a double post
  10. I can see its very close to your face,if thats what you mean,its off to one side instead of being central.Tbh I have seen looooooooooooaaads worse than that,at least you stud covers it easily enough,did you have them pierced when you were very young?
  11. they were pierced weeks after I was born
  12. I thought that might be the case when I saw the photo,its just because you have grown so much from then,and I bet they were absolutely central when your mum got them done for you. The only real way around this and I really,really would'nt bother in your case is to have them re-pierced as a new hole in a new place will be far less noticable than a small incision scar.The appearance of the holes always decreases once they are hardly used,but as you know it never completely goes away.But as yours are easily covered by your studs and the hole does'nt appear in too bad shape tbh,I would leave it.

    If its the positioning that is bugging you beyond belief I think re-piercing is the 'tidiest' way to sort it out.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. Here's another pic with a hook dangle tahitian teardrop pearl. I love wearing wire/hook dangle earrings but Im just so bothered by the way the hole looks so stretched out and :yucky:
    tahitian pearl.JPG
  14. I think its as the hole is so 'old' and now become quite stretched with age,a,lot of girls don't get their ears pierced until they are 17 plus so that means they have only had about half the wear yours have and not stretched too much.I f I wear heavy or long earrings mine look extended too,and as your a tiny thing I bet the dangly ones are quite heavy for you,but I have to say they really don't look that bad,unless it makes them sore in superquick time,leave them alone.It may also be that you have genetically thin earlobes,so it may be best to wear your studs,no real hardship with those studs!!!! .50ct each? Or is it because you are so tiny they look bigger and are about .40cts!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. The studs are .70 each and it helps to have small earlobes. They make the stones look huge on my ears:nuts: