Help! What to do about an A-1 Buyer Kook!

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  1. I cleaned up the Kook part - she's really something else.

    I've had a brand new Furla listed forever. I think it hasn't sold because it is a smaller bag with an unusual print even though I have lowered the price a number of times. A few days ago, Kooky contacts me and asks if I'll take less. I told her I was only making a few dollars on it as it was and I couldn't go any lower.
    She sends a couple more emails so I decided that I may as well get something for it so we agreed on a price. Then she proceeds to send me more emails asking to lower it even more. Once again we agree.
    Then she asks if I can lower the shipping price too and just send it in an envelope rather than a box!!! Altogether she sent me 15 (FIFTEEN) emails knocking the price down. We agreed that I would put it in a box but that to keep costs down I would send it regular mail. I changed the auction to a BIN for her. THEN she asks me about authenticity! At that point I told her to forget it, that I'd had enough and it wasn't worth the trouble and that I was refunding her money.
    She sent more emails begging for the bag so I told her that she had to verify for me that she had read the listing details including my feedback and that she would quit with the emails. I had a feeling that if I sent the bag she was not going to like the size or how long shipping took. But she said please send the bag! So I did.
    I got an email today and she stated that the bag is not new, its been used, and that I washed it in detergent. Then she sends another email asking why I sprayed perfume on the bag and that it smells very strong. Of course the bag is new, I didn't wash it (I doubt you could) and I certainly didn't spray perfume on it. It's buyers remorse as expected. It would almost be funny if I didn't think she was going to try to pull something.
    She's demanding her money back or she'll go to PayPal. My first thought is GOOD! GO! Please leave me alone. But is that a good idea? I don't want to spend one more penny on this nut (BTW like an idiot I sent the bag priority at my expense) but I also don't want PayPal to freeze my account and I don't want her trying to harm my reputation. I should never had agreed to sell to her, with a feedback score of "2" and all the questions and problems I knew she was going to be trouble. But I thought I get rid of a slow moving item.
    Now what do I do? Just let PayPal deal with her? I'm expecting 20 more emails but I haven't answered her yet.
  2. Oh my, I guess I would tell her to send the bag back and refund her when I received it, less shipping of course.
  3. I agree. Just get the damn bag back, give her money back (less shipping) and please God - block her on your "block bidders list"!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  4. you ought to have filtered her from the start. The alarm bells were ringing and you ignored them.
  5. Oh drat, what a mess. I guess that I would just refund her...just so you can get her off your fanny!
  6. Ugh, some buyers are just so much trouble. Ask her to send the bag back to you, when you get it just refund her what she paid less the shipping & your fees.
    Good luck!
  7. ^^I agree.
    Hopefully you saved all the emails in case she tries any funny stuff when she sends the bag back.
  8. I agree make sure to get back your shipping and handling and the fees.
  9. Oh, I kept all the emails for sure. She actually has not sent me any additional emails since yesterday which is surprising. I think I'll wait until tomorrow and see if she won't just go away. If she does contact me again, I will tell her she can have a refund less shipping and some kind of restocking fee. What is typical to charge for that? The amount of the listing and PayPal fees? Oh, BTW, she was saying she wanted HER shipping fees refunded (the whole $5.00 she wanted to pay.)
  10. If you accept it back, I hope she sends it in the condition you sent it to her. She might have used it since she is claiming it smells like pefume. Good luck!
  11. Definitely do NOT refund her shipping, this is all her doing, she should realize there should be some kind of penalty for making you go to all the trouble you did, only to want to send it back later. I'd do like you said and subtract the listing and paypal fees from the refund as well.
    What a whacko!
  12. I agree with everyone else. Just have her ship the bag back, refund her (less shipping) and say goodbye to her A**! If she leaves a neg. feedback, you can always reply back to let everyone know that she's a little:weird::wacko: so that NO ONE would ever want to sell to her again! Good luck and let us know how it turned out!