help! what to buy at barneys?

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what should i use my gc on?

  1. christian louboutin declic

  2. 3.1 phillip lim knit blazer

  3. lanvin ballet flats

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  1. my bf gave me a $400 gc to barneys for my birthday last month. i've yet to use it because i'm torn on what to buy. i was wondering if you guys could help me out here. this is what i've narrowed it down to:

    christian louboutin black declic: i love them. they're my dream shoes, but i hardly wear heels. they're not very comfortable for me, but i do want to own a few pairs of louboutins. this would be my first!

    3.1 phillip lim knit blazer: i need a spring jacket. i love phillip lim and oversized boyfriend blazers. i could see myself wearing this often.

    finally, a pair of black leather lanvin flats. i've been wanting a pair forever! i wear flats all the time. i have a bunch from tory burch to repetto to delman, but no lanvin yet. i would wear them almost everyday.

    so, you see, here is my dilemma, should i go for the glam choice (declic) or for something more practical that i know i'll get good use out of? your input is very much appreciated! :yes:
  2. I would get the delics as you said you have lots of flats which rules out the lanvins, plus heels cant get comfier if you dont wear them kwim?
  3. Go for the CL's! Since it isn't "your money" you should buy something that is out of the box for you.
  4. im a huge lanvin flats lover, so that got my vote!!! sometimes u can find them on sale@ barneys, maybe save a little extra and get the CLs as well!
  5. I like the blazer! It looks perfect for spring, and you said it was your style, so you'd get a lot of use out of it!
  6. I'd go for the CLs - even the highest Louboutin's are the comfiest designer shoes I've found so far - you won't regret these pretty pretty shoes :tup:
  7. I voted for the CL's for sure, GORGEOUS! A girl could only dream of owning these shoes... I've yet to ever buy a pair... maybe if I win the lottery... :lol:
  8. i'd say, scratch all three and get a new Burberry white spring trench coat with a split back, it's much more shapely than the one you picked out.

    If you hardly wear heels, CLs won't do much good. As for Lanvin flats, I think you can find better stuff that at Macy's for $20 bucks.
  9. I'd go for the CLs they are TDF!
  10. get the CL's! you will love them and a great way to start your collection
  11. I'd get the Lanvins. They're sooo comfy, and since you'd wear them all the time, it would be totally worth it.
  12. I'd say go for the CL's! You may not wear them much, but im occasions which calls for sexy black heels will always come around! it's a great way to treat yourself.
  13. Go for your dream purchase! It's a gift after all - I'm sure he wants you to spend it on something that you've always dreamed about getting.
  14. I vote for the Lanvins! Best flats ever!
  15. great suggestion, but i already own a burberry trench. i like the loose fitting look. my bf hates them, but i love me those "sack" dresses too!

    thanks for all the comments! at this point, i'm still torn between the cl and the blazer. i have so many flats that they ought to do me for now. i'll definitely be getting a pair of lanvins though sooner rather than later.