Help! What Tiffany Necklace Should I Buy?


Aug 3, 2008
please help me decide which one to choose from these necklaces (all in sterling silver):

Heart Tag Charm Necklace
Return To Tiffany Round Tag Necklace
Return To Tiffany Oval Tag Necklace or
Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Choker

and why is it that Return To Tiffany Heart Tag Choker called a "choker"? whereas Return To Tiffany Oval Tag Necklace is just called a "necklace"?. Both are the same in length (15.5" long). im just curious:graucho:

i hope you can help me decide. Thanks in advance!:smile:
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"Hello Lover..."
Jun 4, 2009
I think it maybe depends on your neck...I have both the oval and the heart toggle one, and they both flip on me. It's annoying because I have to keep checking with my hand if it's straight....

I like the first one and the last one personally...

I vote #1 & #4


Apr 10, 2009
I've heard that whether the oval will flip or not depends on the fit of the necklace and that it can be fixed by adding one or two links (do a search of Tyler Durden's thread because I am pretty sure someone has asked about this). With that said, I like choices 2&3. I have been wanting one of these myself.
Jan 22, 2008
If those are the only choices go with one of the non heart ones, but Tiffany makes a lot of much more timeless pieces without so much branding that will last a lot longer. I bought a bunch of the RTT and that kind of stuff in high school and I ended up getting rid of it all now that I'm older, I wish I had started buying the more sophisticated pieces earlier.
May 29, 2010
Go for the Heart Tag- I have the heart tag with the toggle and the RTT Oval Choker- I find I like the heart tag more- and I limit the RTT to certain outfits (usually ones that I feel are more rocker-like (I dk why I associate it with a rocker look- lol)_.