HELP! what style should I get in the vert'd eau

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  1. hey bbag gals, i'm currently on the wait list for a first in the vert d' eau but now i'm not sure if I should get a twiggy or city and i'mworried about the colour discolouration with the lighter bags....please help me decide
  2. I think it would look fabulous in the twiggy!
  3. I think a first sounds great if it suits your frame. It is too small for me but I think the vert d'eau is nicer in a smaller bag.
  4. Twiggy! I'm getting the twiggy in that color.
  5. I'm a new Balenciaga girl, but I have to say that the twiggy would be stunning in this color!
  6. between the city and twiggy, I'd go for twiggy. But how about the box?

  7. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  8. the city!:P
  9. city!!!!!
  10. I second Sea : City !!!!
  11. thanks girls for the imput, I'm not exactly a skinny mini and I think the first would be too small so I think i'm going to change that to a twiggy
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