help what style is this bag?

  1. I love this tote. Is it an old version and where can I get one? Thank you!:yahoo:
  2. The Sac Plat, no?
  3. ^looks like :yes:
  4. Yup, Michelle is right, that's the Sac Plat. It's still made, just ask about it at the LV store.
  5. Thanks!
    That is wonderful if I can still find it at the LV store. Anyone knows how much it is?
  6. It's $845.
  7. [​IMG]
    it's super popular bag in japan....well, it was anyway when i used to work in tokyo!!! i remember seeing them everywhere!!!!
  8. wow it looks great in the pic with the lady! Would never have even considered this bag! Im thinking it would be great for uni!
  9. i think it's a big small to carry all your books , maybe a cabas mezzo is better. the sac plat is long but not wide. if not maybe a damier hamsptead gm. it a bit more $1200 , but worth it. i just bought one for work / travel and i love it , it fits sooo much!!
  10. So true! This bag just reminds me of H.K and Japan :yes:
  11. I love this piece in Damier, but it's the only bag that's higher in price for Damier than Mono :rant:
  12. I didn't notice this bag before but I like it on the lady in the picture.
  13. oh wow i didn`t know the sac plat looked that cute in person
  14. I've never liked this bag either, but it looks so cute on her!
  15. wow ive never noticed the appeal of the bag until that picture. Dont think i could use it as an everyday bag though. I'd be hard pushed to find a use for it for the price.