HELP! What small dogs dont bark alot?

  1. Do a google search of Coton de Tulear. It is in the bichon family. They are wonderful dogs and don't shed either. A close friend of mine has one. They don't really bark- they only sort of "chirp". They are beautiful dogs and very smart too. We own a toy fox terrier and she is pretty good about barking - but not all are- and male terriers in general bark more than females. Our little girl only barks when people come to the door or she is really excited while playing. We have worked VERY hard though to mitigate barking with her and she has been trained to understand us saying "that's enough" and then she stops. It's important to remember that dogs who bark, bark for many reasons. When dogs bark at someone at the door or noises outside, they are doing what they are instinctively programmed to do- it's their job to protect and alert you. :yes: You can work on that with them though. Then there are dogs who don't get enough attention and bark because they are under stress and lonely. Hope this helps.

  2. Me too!!! When I was young, my parents' friends had a huge lab and a lil chihuahua that would yap all the time. I was SO scared of the chihuahua but loved the lab..
  3. Another good choice that is wonderful with children and very gentle are Shelties. They are gorgeous and very loving and trainable.

    Still my Brussels is the best!! LOL The breeder told me that he was a cuddle bug and she was spot on with that description.

  4. ^^LOL My in-laws have a couple of terrier mix dogs that will draw blood on your heels if you are barefoot!! Can't wear flip-flops over there!!!

    Another thought might be a Cocker Spaniel
  5. I have a Shihtzu and she doesnt Bark at all...Well unless she gets excited or whatever...But they are really quiet and very sweet dogs...
  6. Shelties are very vocal dogs. It isnt really a bark, but it is a really unique vocalization, kind of a howl/bark/yelp.
    I would recommend checking out for different ideas. It gives the breed standard for personality and also how easy/hard they are to train. It's a great reference and might help you discover a breed that you didn't even think of before.
  7. i cant believe no one mentioned a frenchie or a boston terrier! theyre the quietest breeds ive ever met, and make fabulous family dogs bc they dont tend to bond to one person in particular
  8. OMG, how could I forget? I love boston terriers too! :yes:
  9. My Shih Tzu doesn't bark at all and I have 3 dogs at home.

    The Yorkie, Pom and Chihuhua to my knowledge can be a yappy breed.

    But also keep in mind each dog has their own personality! Some might be more quieter than others.
  10. ^^very true. my bff has a shih tzu that doesnt shut up! and my pom is fairly quiet (she only barks when the doorbell rings, or when shes playing with the squirrels in the back yard)
  11. I also heard shih tzu's aren't barkers. I'm sure you can also train most dogs to not bark quiet as often.

    You might want to try a havanese. They are part of the bichon family and are very trainable. Hopefully my DBF will let me get one this year! They are so adorable and very loving and playful. I read they get along very well with children. And, they aren't "shedders" so that's a big plus!
  12. Boston's do not bark that much and are cute.
  13. ^^I agree! Another one to add to the list:

    <-------PUGS!!! They are the greatest, most lovable, most fun dogs ever! Mine do not bark what so ever, and on occasion when they do, it's a very soft and quiet bark. Not yippy and annoying like a terrier or something :cursing:.
  14. lol i LOOOVE ur avatar of ur pug. omg! how adorable! but the op did mention no pugs :shrugs:
  15. I also suggest the Coton de Tulear. Very, sweet, docile dogs that will alert but not yap for the heck of it. They're very athletic little dogs, so if you like to hike or do mild climbing, that's a big plus.