HELP! What small dogs dont bark alot?

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  1. What dogs do you recommend that do not bark alot? My brother is really, I mean really, afraid of dogs so I want to have a friendly dog that I can try and get him to be calm around. I was thinking about a yorkie, pom, papillon, or a chihuahua. If not any those any other suggestions? and no pugs I want a cute dog thats easy to clean and is around 15 pounds and under. Mixes are okay, I know the ones I like bark alot. (from people I know who have them)
  2. We have a 6 month old Brussels Griffon in our family and he is the sweetest dog. He doesn't bark much and is so sweet to our grandson. Very loving and not hyper. Can you tell that I am somewhat biased?? We had several people over yesterday and he was very well behaved and everyone just loved him. Didn't bark at all!

    Obviously, he is a joy to us.
  3. Does it HAVE to be a small dog?
  4. Well my mom doesnt want a big dog she has had a german shepards and labs all her life, I think it was also be easier for us to take car of. It is the bigger dogs that scare him, smaller dogs kind of scare him but not as much. My brother is autistic so it is very much babied but he is 18.
  5. I am not scared of any dogs, but if I were, it would be the small ones - LOL!

    How about a King Charles? They don't generally bark a lot and they are small.
  6. Oh my gosh they are soo cute and look friendly, do you have one or is it from past experiances?
  7. my good friend has a west highland terrier... she is small, sweet, and I have only heard her bark once. Her dog is really cuddly and also doesn't really shed.
  8. I have a cavvy and she barks a fair bit but I think if you train them from the start not to bark it could be okay?
  9. I would stay away from a maltese or yorkie. they bark a LOT, it's just how they are! ive never had a poodle but i have heard they are very easy to train. maybe someone w/ more experience w/ them could say if you can train them not to bark?
  10. LOL, you sound just like one of my friends who's scared of dogs...i think he's only scared of the little ones. I wonder why:shrugs:
  11. I think maybe you should go check out the dogs themselves or maybe try to get acquainted with them for a day if possible. You never know until you get them and just a general survey is good to do (as you're doing right now), but sometimes dogs that are suppose to be active, and non-active, the complete opposite of what they're breed personality type is.
  12. Poms are known barkers- my family has always had poms and w/ the exception of my mom's current dog, they've all been yappers at everything and nothing- constant noise for the most part. Okay by us, but if you don't want a barker and like poms, look into a rescue. Some don't bark a ton and they can help you find a dog to suit your family. Yorkies can bark a lot too. Poodles are so smart, if you worked with a poodle, you'd probably be able to teach the dog not to bark excessively.

    Poms also have a tendency to bond to one particular person and sometimes are not a true family dog, kwim? Just throwing that out there if that is a concern as well.
  13. I don't have a cav, but I have friends who do and I've never heard them bark. Westies are SO cute, too! But I don't have any experience with them. I just saw them on Dogs 101 today (for what that show is worth) and they said "fiercly independent" - I'd definitely do some research. Of course, aquablueness is right - you can't go by the breed personality type 100%.
  14. My dog is a Cavalier X and he is incredibly chilled out and only ever barks when the doorbell rings (just incase we didn't here it)
    When I was little I was petrified of my Grandmas Yorkie (as she would yap at me), yet my babysitter had a huge Shepherd which I would ride like a horse.
  15. My shih tzu are pretty quiet unless they want something.