Help! What size Gucci belt do I need to buy?

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  1. I have heard that Gucci belts run small and I am not sure what size to buy, as they run in inches. I am a usually a size 2 or 26/27 in jeans. Any help would be greatly appreciated! (& I have measured my own fav belt and it measures about 35 inches from end to end-)
  2. I usually wear a 28/29 in jeans (which all fit below waist) and all my Gucci belts are 36.
  3. Yup, Gucci belts do run small.

    From Gucci on-line:
    belt size guide
    To determine your belt size, measure over the waistband of your pants. We recommend sizing up 1-2 sizes. The sizes provided below represent the length of the belt when fastened at the center hole.

    My DH's pant size is 32 and for Gucci belts I get him a 36.