Help! What size do I get?

  1. I love these Coach shoes:

    I'm normally a size 9. I currently own two pairs of Coach shoes, one pair is a 9, the other a 10 (different styles). I don't know if these will fit :hrmm: The same pair is up for auction, only they're pink and a size 9.

    What should I do? Should I size up just to be on the safe side? The buckle is adjustable, so at least I can put it on the smallest hole if they're a little loose.

    Help! :Push:
  2. I think with the style being open toe, you will be safe with a size nine. They are very nice by the way. :heart:
  3. Thank you :smile:

    I'm just afraid of my heel hanging off the back :lol: The last pair of Coach shoes I bought were open toe and I had to get a size 10, but that's because the band going over my toes was too tight with a size 9. I just wish they were a 9.5! :P But you're probably right, the 9 might be better, since my foot will be kinda sliding forward because they're heels.
  4. I agree with Pradasmeadow - you should get the size 9. I think it's harder to try to wear larger-sized, open sandals.
  5. Yay, good news! I found them at, a huge shoe retailer I found by reading an article at They have 2-day UPS air shipping for only $5.99 (their regular ground domestic shipping is free!), and tons of shoes at good prices! There are maybe 4 more pairs of Coach shoes that I really want :shame: I ended up getting a 9.5, right in the middle of the two sizes I was debating between :amuse:

  6. ohhh thanks for show me a new shoe site :biggrin: