HELP! What should I wear to my BF's graduation??

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  1. His parents and sisters will be there too. I want to look clean and put together, but not trying too hard. Nothing too low cut or outrageous, if you know what i mean ;) I'm 5'4" and about a size 2.

    I'm thinking of buying a new dress that will go with my wooden thong sandals (they look kind of boho) or my MJ black ballet flats. I recently bought a black linen calf-length halter dress but the back is so low I can't fit a bra in. PLUS, it's sheer so I can't go with nipple tape. :shame:

    I'm budgeting around $120 US. It needs to be online too so I can ship it to him :P

    Any suggestions? His graduation is this weekend. :unsure:
  2. oh wow that's really soon.....

    this banana republic dress is $118.....pretty classy although maybe a little old looking


    and this j crew dress is only $98

  3. that j crew dress is cute..and would look cute with your MJ flats and maybe a cute bright colored sweater(in case it gets chilly or you go out to eat!) can't help the mother in me:shame:
  4. this bebe dress is also $98 and cute but not sure what his parents would think of it

  5. this $98 linen dress by free peop;e (form urban outfitters) could work also

  6. and a few from anthropologie (sorry for the barrage of dresses)

    this one's $150 so a little over but i love it


    this one's also $150ish :sad2:


    okay i'm done i promise :shame:
  7. oh wow...those look so pretty. i'd go with the Bebe one if it weren't for the parents!! :biggrin:

    i'm really liking the free people one. Thanks so much for all the input, I really appreciate it!!
  8. i say go for some summery color... the j crew one is cute... let's not do black
    check out revolve clothing... some sale stuff.. i got 2 sweeties dresses for cheap
  9. if you're leaning towards the free people they do make really cute sundresses (these are from girlshop)

    this one's $138


    this one's $108


    and this one's $128

  10. Everyone has posted really great choices already! I would suggest, for something more formal, looking at an Ann Taylor store. Here are a few suggestions that might go well with your sandals:



    And, although Anthropologie dresses range from $118 to $228, you should definitely take a look. They have an exhaustive selection. Good luck!
  11. I love the second one! So adorable. My vote goes for this one, even if it is a little over budget :biggrin:
  12. thanks so much for all the gorgeous suggestions!! I'm a little anxious about buying a dress online and not trying it. i agree with welovelouie that a summery colour would be best...btw, your puppy is ADORABLE! :nuts::nuts:
  13. I like dresses from Ann Taylor. I'm sorry I don't know how to post pictures, but there are a lot of nice dresses on sale on their website right now.
  14. Oooh, cute dresses. :smile:

    How low is the dress you have? Victoria's Secret has a convertible bra that has a low back convertor. It comes in super handy.
  15. Ann Taylor Loft also has some great new summer dresses...but I can never figure out how to paste pics in my posts:mad:

    Anyway, here is the page on their site, I especially like the very first one, but there are a number of cute ones and VERY inexpensive:idea:

    But you already have fabulous choices here. I love the third free people dress, and the Ann Taylor ones. Don't think you can really go wrong w/ any of them!!
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