Help!! What should I get my Mom?

  1. Hi Guys,
    I want to get my mom a bag..I have $1000 and she wants something that's damier..She usually a Epi person but she wants a change. She's in her late 50s so I wanted to get something that will suit her. She did say that she likes the speedy 30 but since I have 2 speedies already I think that it would be a nice change if we went with a different style...
    So what do you guys think??:rolleyes:
  2. First and foremost, you're such a nice daughter for wanting to get an LV bag for your mom! :love:

    I think that getting her a Damier Speedy is a great choice! Some other Damier alternatives are: Alma ($900 USD), Saleya PM ($925 USD), Sac Plat ($930 USD), Marais ($925 USD).

    These bags can be worn by any woman at any age! :tup:
  3. Thank John..those are all great suggestions!
  4. Damier speedy is great. I have one in 30, and love it so much I want to buy the 25, LOL. But if you need variety, Alma in damier is nice too, though I dont really really fond in Alma design......... or lo and behold, Damier Duomo !!!!! Damier duomo is one of the best design in damier pattern in my opinion, :smile:
  5. Mmm, Saleya if she likes shoulder totes, Alma for a classy handheld (or a bit more for a Ribera MM), Tango for crossbody handsfree :smile:
  6. aw how sweet of you!
    my vote goes to the damier alma
  7. What about a Salyea PM or Ribera?
  8. I think alma would be best!!
  9. i agree with all of the alma suggestions.
  10. Damier Alma, Duomo or Ribera!
  11. Thats very sweet of you!
    I too would go for the Alma or Ribera. The saleya is lovely too just depends if she prefers handheld to shoulder bags?
  12. My vote goes to Saleya MM or Alma!!!
    Good luck!
  13. I just bought my Mom a Hampstead PM...she really really likes it! She says it seems a bit heavy though...before she was using my Saleya PM and loved that too...but didn't want to get the same bag as me...all of the other suggestions were great as well!
  14. Sayela PM, Alma Marias
  15. I just turned 52 yesterday-and I have a damier speedy 30 and love her. She is so lightweight and I always lean towards her when I'm shopping and lunch with my friends.
    I also like the alma-she is my next buy.
    The new damier nevrful is coming out in November, NICE....
    The duomo is awesome as well-but I have that style in the bowling bag epi ivorie. So she has many choices........
    She's lucky to have such a wonderful daughter! Mine is still in college and so I'll be waiting for a LV-(smile)