help!! what should i exchange this for?

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  1. my friend's visiting from chicago..and bought me a damier 6-key nice of him :yes:!!!!!!!!!

    but i already have a 4-key holder........he told me to go ahead and exchange it.....

    what can i exchange this for? any help from u all?
  2. How about the Damier Card Holder:

  3. MC Mirror:

  4. Pocket Agenda:

  5. Is there a damier bracelet? If there is maybe that?
  6. Mini Agenda:

  7. I agree on the mini agenda
  8. michelle, thanks for all your input!! but..i don't think the MC mirror is practical...i already have the pocket organizer hence i don't need the credit card holder...lemme look into the mini agenda...but i really don't need one cuz i already have one...sigh!!! thanks for your help anyway!
  9. how about the monogram mini key and change holder??
    its so cute!
  10. which one:confused1:

  11. The Monogram Mini Lin Pochette Cle' and the Icons book. A two fer! :yahoo:
  12. maybe not something from the mini lin line...i have a cles already...thanks for ur help though!

  13. what do u guys think...the damier mini accessories? but is it stupid to get that when i just got the pochette accessories? i can use the gold chain from the mini accessories as an extender..that resolves my pochette extender project?
  14. Hmmm...can you just put the money towards a bigger purchase?
  15. like what? i don't want anything at the moment..