Help ,what Should I Do?

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  1. What do you think? I bought a antic cervo last week in a store here for 20percent off , am not sure i should keep it as it is nearly a season old ,whatdo you prada fiends think ?
  2. Where did you get it at 2o % off????WOW!
  3. If you like it, keep it. It doesn't matter if the bag is from last season.
  4. On this topic, I was surprised today to see a number of pristine fall Prada bags on sale at Jeffrey in Atlanta for fantastic prices. I already went crazy for these bags, but was still tempted! There were ruched totes for around $1200, a ruched deerskin hobo, and several antik cervo bags with gold hardware in small and large sizes. I may break down again.
  5. omg!!! no keep ittttt!!!!!
  6. If you like it, Keep it!!
  7. ok , i will keep it.....! thanks for enabling !:yes:
  8. exactly!! who cares!
    the "sooo last season" thing is dead.
  9. I would keep it.
  10. lucky u! congrats!
  11. I don't worry about "seasons" when it comes to my handbags. I put too much money into mine for that. I choose classic styles that will stand the test of time. If you feel your new Prada meets that standard (and you got it for 20% off!), by all means keep it!
  12. Keep it!!!
  13. which antic cervo...? :wtf: :drool: would you mind terribly giving me the number of the store? i have an antic cervo hobo on reserved here but i doubt it is at 20% off. please please?
  14. I actually brought it back... and am now thinking about getting the smaller gauffre .... It was in dublin...
  15. can you share which antic cervo did you get please? i have a hobo reserved but if it is now 20% off, i am going to make a big stink about having to pay full price a season later... (not that i care about the season, i care about the price though...)