Help! What should I do?


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Aug 22, 2006
In my listing I said that I only ship to confirm address. The seller paid me with an unconfirmed one.

Should I ship the bag to them anyways? Its an expensive bag ($2000+) so I'm not sure if they do a dispute I could lose everything (money + bag) so I was thinking I should pay some money out of my own pocket and have it ship with UPS or Purolator with signature. At least I have some way to prove someone received it.

The address the buyer told me to ship it to is her bf's work address because no one is home usually. When I looked up that address on 411 and called that number it says the number doesn't work.

Now, I'm confused what to do because I had a people lose packages with UPS. I had one of my packages opened from Purolator (the dust bag slashed) but with Xpresspost nothing happened (except no signature).

I guess I can do a refund also but I'm in the process of taking the money out so I don't know what to do! HELP!

1. Should I try to refund her money? And apologize saying I need a confirmed address. Not sure how I can stop the money withdraw thing from Paypal.
2. Ship it anyways but with Purolator (up to $1000 insurance with signature), UPS (full coverage, not sure if I can get signature) or Xpresspost (no signature up to $1000 insurance).

TIA! I hope I'm making sense in my post....


Jun 3, 2007
I would ask them to confirm their address. Don't ship to an unconfirmed address. This just sounds a bit fishy to me (the phone number not working and a BF work address). I wouldn't do it without a confirmed address - and insurance and signature confirmation.


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Aug 22, 2006
I thought they can't confirm their address after they pay you?

Also, do you think it would be ok ship through UPS? DH was thinking we should get the work phone number and her number so we can give her a call tomorrow to see if she's a 'real' person. Do you think it is a good idea?


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Mar 7, 2007
refund them the money tell them you stated in your auction you ship to confirmed addresses only and you will NOT ship to her bf's work addy...if anything happens your our your bag and the money.....better to be safe than sorry

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Aug 24, 2006
I totally agree, I have had that happen a few times where buyers won and didnt have confirmed addresses which i clearly state is necessary for me to send my bags

I always email them and let them know this, and i tell them i will not send the item until we work it out

I have always had great buyers who just didnt know how to confirm and so i send a refund, they then confirm and repay and then it says their confirmed address

Once or twice ive sent an item to an unconfirmed address but since paypal will never ever side with you if you send to unconfirmed i only took the chance with items that werent worth too much
for that much $$ i would NOT send to an unconfirmed address :smile: Good luck !