Help! What should I do???

  1. I ordered this bag from the HH sale. I recieved it WEDNESDAY and I carried it wed night, thursday, friday and saturday.

    I noticed when I took it out of the box that it had a loose stitch on the handle. If this stitch came out, it would have to be fixed or the bag wouldn't be useable. As such, I've been very careful about what I put in it.

    I went to use it today and I realized that there is a HUGE tear in the lining. It tear is not on a seam, so it wouldn't be an easy or discreet repair.

    The rules of the sale were clear: no refunds, no exchanges for any reason. So what should I do? Should I ask to return it? Exchange it? Do you think they will let me?
  2. Here are pics of the damage and what was in it when I noticed the tear. None of those thing are sharp or heavy.
    loose stitches.JPG torn lining.JPG bag and contents.JPG
  3. I would ask for an exchange or send it back for a refund. They may offer to fix it for free if they don't have a replacement for you.
  4. As far as I am aware this is why they are not doing refunds or exchanges, I don't know how much of a discount you got but I got the impression that the policy was implying the bags could be damaged which was why they were so discounted. You can always try to contact them but I don't know how successful you will be.
  5. HH folks are really nice, great to work with and I'm sure that they will do their best, even though technically, they are not obligated with their terms and conditions. What's the get more flies with honey.....(did I totally blow this saying????). You've got to try, offer to send them photos, etc.
    Good luck!!!
  6. I called them. They were professional, but not nice about it. Their attitude was basically: tough sh*t. Send us pictures, but tough sh*t.

    These bags were not sold under the pretense that they were damaged. The return policy is as such to prevent impulse buyers from returning/exchanging bags they don't like. Stores don't like to get clearance items back and I'm fine with that.

    But you don't buy bags that retail for $300-400 expecting them to literally fall apart in under a week.

    I am positively fuming right now, but I was sugary sweet to Nitza on the phone. I am not being unreasonable; it is their job to fix this. It was not a cheap bag, even if it was on sale.

  7. Ugh, I am so sorry to hear that. When you purchased the bag, you did agree to their new rules (no return, no exchanges, blah blah blah).

    However, I do recall reading somewhere on the site that said these are brand new bags and what happened to you should not happen to a brand new bag.

    Please keep us posted.
  8. That is a shame. I am aware of the sale and what is posted regarding exchanges and refunds, but I also read where it says that These brand new items are in their original condition, but are sold as is, with no warranty of any kind. This is a tough one...but this is not something that should happen to a brand new bag. I hope that they are able to come to a fair conclusion for you. Good luck!
  9. I almost hate recommending this, because I love HH, but did you pay with a cc? Many times your credit card company will provide warranties etc. I know for example that Amex will reimburse for stolen or not as described items. Just a thought if HH won't rectify the situation.
  10. ^Yes, I am fully considering doing a chargeback.

    The bag was purchased with Amex and their CS is amazing. They go above and beyond to make their cardholders happy.

    I realize that there are no HH sale guarantees, but c'mon people! Are you really telling me that you wouldn't be PISSED in this situation???

    I told them I would like to send it back for a credit to put towards another bag. I think that is very reasonable given the situation.
  11. I'd say try to resolve this matter with them, if you can. They did word the disclaimer quite cagily, but I think HH still wants to maintain good relationships with its customers. See if you can talk with Salina or Ben, impressing on them you wish to continue as a customer (even if you don't). I'm just a bit disappointed with the quality of the bag I received, though it's nothing like what you're dealing with. Your bag should have held up better than that.
  12. It's a difficult situation, that's for sure. On one hand, they do have that disclaimer. On the other hand, there was no disclosure of any damages to the bag, so it's reasonable to assume that you'll be receiving a new bag in perfect condition. Usually when stores/websites sell things "as-is" they at least list the damages and let the customer decide if they still want it.
  13. Oh, Claire! I am so sorry! It's awful how a bad experience can sour you on something you want to - did - love. Yes, I know the terms and conditions we all clicked on to get into the extra sale page said no returns or exchanges no matter what, and that the bags are new but no guarantees - but you carried it for less than a week! I'm glad to hear they were professional even if not giving the answer you needed - maybe if you try again after the sale furor has died down and they are not all harried and frazzled, you will be more likely to get due consideration. I think Ben's email is in HH's own forum. Otherwise, I think having your cc refuse the charge is a good option if possible (I know AmEx likely would...). Let us know how this resolves, and best of luck.
  14. claireZk, I would be beyond pissed if that happened to me! You have every right to be upset. I would be livid also. That's just not right!

    I'm anxious to see how they choose to resolve this issue.
  15. No, I completely agree with you; I would be upset as well. I do think that you should allow them to try to rectify it first (despite their seemingly inability to want to). However, if they do not offer a reasonable solution, then I do think you need to take it up with Amex and let them resolve it.