Help!! What should I do?

  1. I am so ready to buy my first paddy, however, I'm completely agonizing over what color to get, especially since I've never seen any of them IRL. If I could find the chocolate, I would probably go with that, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. So without that, I'm deciding between the taupe and the mousse. Here are my pro and con thoughts on both, please let me know what you all think!!!

    Taupe pros: neutral color, would probably look good with almost anything, looks very classic/less trendy, I don't have a neutral colored bag. The gold lock is so classic chloe.
    cons: gold lock might chip. Is the color too bland? I've seen so many different pics of the taupe, and they all look like completely different colors! Which is closest? Because some of the pics are extremely unflattering while others look absolutely perfect in color.

    Mousse pros: silver padlock is way cute and won't chip as much. Very unique color, and I do love silver.
    cons: too trendy? again, I don't know what the exact color is because all the pics look different. Would the mousse color be less wardrobe versatile?

    So much to think about, but as you can tell, I'm really obsessing over this paddy dilemma!!

    Thanks so much!
  2. mousse, but I'm biased. Or, get both. heh
  3. I hope I can help! I am dying to get a mousse paddy! I saw it IRL, and it was all over for me! The color is absolutely amazing, and will go with everything! I don't think its too trendy - in fact, the paddy does not seem to be going anywhere. Kyliereese posted some pics of this bag- and Loganz has one up for sale in the Marketplace.

    Bottom line though, if you love it- get it! Now, if I could only take my own advice!

    Good luck with whatever you decide! And Welcome to the PF!!!
  4. I would go with the mousse... its such a beautiful color in person. It's very easy to match with since its such a pale/soft color. Looks great with pastels and even black and dark colors. I mostly love the nickle/silver color hardware. It's rare to see that on solid leather bags...
  5. i too thought I loved the taupe but I saw it IRL and while it's still a gorgeous color, it made me look washed out. i'm not sure it's a great color for everyone.

    i love the mousse but I have a MJ stella in turquoise that I use all the time and I feel like i've got the silver/blueish combo covered...i'm trying to decide what color to get too, in the pocket style. now i'm thinking about tan. and mousse. and yellow. and black. oy!
  6. Does anyone know where I could find a chocolate one???

    Because if I can't decide between the taupe and the mousse, I would definitely get the chocolate in a heartbeat.
  7. Mousse!!!!!!!
  8. Chloe SCP has some chocolate Paddingtons on order. You could call there and get on the list for one. I think they will be in next month.
  9. Taupe and mousse are so beautiful! I would choose mousse though because of the silver hardware.
  10. Mousse!! I saw it IRL two days ago and I am so in love:love:
  11. Everyone,
    Thanks so much for all of your advice. And thanks for the welcome, jag! Etenbris, I'll check out the Chloe store, thanks for the heads up.

    I may try to get a chocolate one first, and if I can't get that, then it will probably be the mousse! Still soooo undecided!
  12. Anyone have any thoughts on whether I should wait to possibly get a chocolate paddy, or get the mousse right now?

    I saw the mousse today IRL, and it is beautiful, but there's something about the dark chocolate that is soooo classic.
  13. It depends on what you are looking for. I think Chloe makes the most beautiful chocolate brown of all the designers. It is just TDF! But, the mousse is just gorgeous. If you already have a great black or brown bag, then go for the mousse. BUT if you don't have a staple color like that, then definitely the Chocolate! IT is so rich and beautiful!
  14. Nordstrom's in tysons corner VA had a chocolate one last week.