Help! What should I do??

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  1. So I finally received the original stellina from ebay today...BUT, it is not the same bag depicted on the ebay listing!:sad: The print placement isn't bad but it's completely different from the picture. I wanted the latte, milk bottle and yellow cactus kid on the flaps but now I got Sandy, flowers and rainbows. I mean I like the one I got, but I am kind of disappointed because it's not the print shown in the photo.
    What do you girls think? Do you like the one I received better or the one in the listing? Should I keep it or return it or ask for a partial refund? I dunno what to do:crybaby:

    Here's the one I received

    The pictures in the ebay listing
  2. Did it say the bag pictured is the one that you'd receive?
  3. All it says in the listing is
    8.5"x 10"x4.5"
    Zipped main closure with multicolor metal zipper, two front cargo pockets with velcro closure, interior wall pocket with zipped closure, inside front cell phone pocket,
    adjustable shoulder strap and inside carabiner on stretch cord.

  4. I would contact the seller and see what they say.
  5. I guess I should've asked huh? :sad: But this seller doesn't sell much tokidoki at all from her ebay listings so I thought this is the one I would get??
  6. Just contact the seller. They might totally understand and want to make it right with a return or a partial credit.
  7. Ahh that sucks ... to think you're gonna get the one pictured and then not get it. I guess contact the seller to come to some kind of resolution.

    The bag you ended up with is nice tho. It's just more green than the one on the listing. The one on the listing has more color variey. i think you ended up with a nice one ... but if you don't love it and are a lil disappointed, contact the seller. :biggrin:
  8. " Due to print variations, your purse may look slightly different; but equally as awesome!! Guaranteed authentic!!! E-mail me with any questions, check out my other auctions for a Canguro waist bag in the same print! Will combine shipping!!" is this the same person?!? i saw this it is BIN stellina she has a few of them. I think it's shady. I'd definitely say something.
  9. If it does say that the item pictured is the one you receive then they lied and that is a no no:tdown:. I personally like the print of the one that was originally pictured. If deep inside you are okay with the one you received then keep it but make sure to say something about them not sending you the right one in the feedback you give.
  10. socprof81-No I don't think it's the same person. The description in red above was all there is in the listing and she basically only sells tumi bags. I guess she might not know that print placement is pretty important for tokidoki and just used pics from elsewhere...
    Yeah I might just contact the seller and see what to do..I wanna hear what you think about the bag I received though..thanks
  11. Honestly, I like the one you received better. :tup:
  12. i really like the one u got BUt it is very different than the original pic cuz of the placement. I think it depends on ur taste. I like the green cactus girl so I'd actually choose that one but if u like the other characters, contact the seller...
  13. THere are sellers on eBay who really do not "get" that print placement is important. If they don't say the bag you get is the one actually pictured I always ask. You'd be surprised how many say no, but the one you get is "just like" this one and then if you elaborate they will say they didn't realize it was important.

    I have even had SAs at Macy's who didn't "see" the differences in bags as I picked thru every one of a style they have in stock!
  14. I just did that at Macy's on lunch! I wanted a Zucca in Pirata... but wound up with a BV instead, b/c I couldn't find a decent pattern placement on the Zucca. I'm too nervous to order from or or because you have no idea about the placement. It definitely matters.
  15. i personally like the one you got, i've been trying to find a similar original stellina to be honest. but that's just me, what makes you happy is what matters! even if you keep the one you got, i'd still talk to the seller as that is bad of them and they'll think they can just keep doing that to people, which is not cool!