Help! What should I Do? Opinions, please.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I currently have my Dior Gaucho on eBay and it doesn't look like it's gonna sell :cry:. I'm trying to sell to buy a pink LV neo speedy, but the Dior Gaucho is cute...
    Is this karma trying to tell me to keep the Gaucho?
    Which would you choose? LV pink neo speedy or Dior Gaucho?

    anyone WANT the Gaucho? lol.

    Thanks in advance, all!
  2. I'm having the same prob w/ my own auctions on eBay &#*@&#*Y$@Y#*(@~~~~ Ok, I'm done cyber-cussing!

    I'd go w/ the Gaucho. IMHO, I think the price is way too high for a denim piece. At least w/ the Gaucho, it's leather, you know? I would keep the Gaucho but it all come down to what you really want in your own heart.
  3. I like Gaucho better!
  4. I'd vote for keeping the Gaucho. And of course I want the Gaucho...but haven't the money. :biggrin:
  5. Aww! I'm selling her for $950! Way below retail. ;) Are you sure? lol.

  6. Do you have a link to your eBay auction? I'd like to see it!
  7. What color is the Gaucho? I think the Gaucho might have a longer life than the neo-speedy...
  8. My vote is for the Gaucho. I love them!
  9. Oops, nm, I just saw the link.

    It doesn't look hopeless, someone might bid at the last minute.
  10. i will keep the gaucho.
  11. I'd definitely keep the gaucho!
  12. Keep the Gaucho for sure!
  13. Another vote for the gaucho :biggrin:
  14. Thank you all so much for your help!
    You're all very sweet! :0)
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