HELP what should/could I sell my unused Gold Boy woc for?

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  1. Hello all! I really really am lusting for the new vanity case purse in beige and to try to get it I am going to sell a few of my unused items. I have a metallic gold lambskin boy woc with ruthenium hardware that was worn maybe half a night then put safely back in its case and box because I was so nervous about the leather. Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful bag but I don't use it because I am too nervous! I was hoping you could give me some advice as to what I could sell it for? thanks in advance! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460339852.290089.jpg
  2. I probably wouldn't buy it for the same reason you sell it.

    Good luck!
  3. Gorgeous WOC!
  4. Its a lovely color! I wouldn't sell it[emoji37] cos it is so pretty. Why not wait awhile more, save up and buy the vanity case[emoji6] i am also eyeing that bag
  5. I just never ever ever use it! it is almost 2 years okd
  6. An easy and common way to find out would be to search for your bag or at least Boy WOCs on eBay/others and see what others sold for. Make sure to check "sold items" if you search on eBay.

    I just did a search on eBay, and while I was not able to find your exact bag, there were a few sold Boy WOCs from $1700 to $2600, with higher priced ones being new and purchased recently. It might give you an idea to look through them.
  7. Do you have any watchers? Usually 95% of the biddings happen in the last few munites if it's an auction. For BIN, it could be that the price is not competitive enough. How much did you put it up for?
  8. Btw just my two cents... I think I see your auction on eBay. If it is your auction- since there are no other auctions for gold Boy WOC- you should NOT put "new with tags" for condition. You wrote that you did wear the bag here as well as in the description there. Even if it was used once, it is still not new. It could allow buyer to file SNAD since you did not describe the condition accurately...
  9. Very good advice....
  10. What other pieces do you have that you aren't using? Maybe you have something else that will attract more attention.
  11. it just sold for $2400
  12. thanks for the help
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