HELP!! What should be my 2nd LV handbag?

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  1. Hi guys! After 8 years, I'm now ready to purchase my next bag. The first one I've purchases was the Monogram Speedy 30 MIF because I want the classic first. Can you guys help me on my second handbag purchase? I want something I can use for a long time, pretty, won't go out of style, not problematic, has tons of uses and might be worth the price. Afterwards, I want to start building my SLG collection. ;)
  2. Noe...classic. :P
  3. Are you leaning toward a large bag, small bag, cross body, tote, etc? Do you have a price range? That will help us narrow it down. :heart:
  4. Alma is classic. Many options and 3 different sizes. Loved the bb so much ended with 2 in 3 months
  5. my first lv bag is a speedy b, just bought my second, a neverfull. I like alma at first, but after tried it on in store and a lot of research from post and video, think its not practical for everyday use(for me), more like something for special occasion or night
  6. For the price range maybe 3k max? I'm thinking of the Neverfull but with recent price increases, do you think it's still worth it? With the Neverfull I'm torn between Mono and Azur. I love the Damier so much but with all the handle problems, I don't really know. I love to get it in GM so I can also use it as diaper bag. I'm also thinking of the Noe in epi leather black. With Alma, I think I would pass a handheld bag right now because I still have my speedy. I think I'm leaning towards a shoulder bag. Are all Damier bags having problem? I love the print too.
  7. Epi alma in either blue or red colour
  8. Neverfull. :smile:
  9. +1
  10. Noe!
  11. Epi Noe!!! So classic and lovely. But try it on in the store. Some folks love the bag until they put it on. I'll agree that it doesn't suit everyone. I have a classic petit noe and love it so much!
  12. Neverfull mm

  13. +1
  14. The Noe is definitely a timeless design and it's both beautiful and care-free in black Epi. The vachetta bottom on the canvas ones would drive me absolutely insane trying to keep it remotely clean let alone stained from every known spill across the known universe:lol:
    No, not all of the DE bags are having handle issues but some do seem to be more persistent than others such as the now-discontinued Portobello and occasionally the NF (it's a known issue and as such LV is really good about repairs).
  15. I love the Noe in epi but if you want something to double duty as a diaper bag then the Mono NF is a great choice! Have you thought about the DE Totally MM? I tried it on at the boutique and it was a hard choice between that and the Speedy B that I ended up with :smile: I found the totally to be super light and comfy. Some people say they only see it as a diaper bag but I see it as multi purpose :smile: I also love that it has a zip top whereas the NF does not.