Help! What shade of brown RM to match these shoes?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need your help on which RM bag to go on the hunt for next! My major spring purchase just arrived (tobacco stacked wedge Louboutins) and I want a RM bag to match them!

    I thought my Harewood would go well with them but it's a bit too red and dark. I'm thinking Sable or glazed almond? What brown is a bit lighter with more yellow than Harewood?

    Here is a pic of the shoe with my Harewood MAM:


    Another pic of the shoe:

  2. ooo, love those loubies! Maybe the new fawn, although I have not see it IRL.
  3. cute loubs! does your bag have to be brown to match? a nice pop of color might go well with those! like a red. or even maybe a navy to keep it neutral?...just a suggestion! congrats on the lovely shoes tho! :tup:
  4. Gorgeous shoes- I think the almond will match the best. The almond is an older color, a little hard to find now but it is going to be reintroduced in spring if you wanted to wait a bit. Otherwise i think that definitely a red would look killer with these shoes!
  5. Hazelnut? Similar, but not matchy matchy.

  6. I have a redwine MAB but I want something smaller. They looked cute with cream and maybe maybe my Cobalt Mac would work.

    stillsearching: Hazelnut might work! I haven't seen many hazelnut bags.

    Desi: Good to know Almond is coming back, maybe I can wait that long. I thought Sable might be a good match but I think it's going to be too light!

    Thanks for the suggestions...better go see what's up on ebay.
  7. I :heart: hazelnut. They pop up on the auction sites every now and then.

    I don't know if the almond that is coming in the spring is the same as the old glazed almond? The glazed almond always seemed very orange to me, but I am not the best with colors!!
  8. There is also a "natural" nikki up on ebay right now at a great price!
  9. I would actually pair the Loubies with a dark color bag like Navy or a creme color but that's just me!

    If the Harewood is reddish you can also get a pair of Burgundy CLs like the Triclos.