Help! What Scarf for Chocolate Birkin?

  1. Hi all! I'm hoping to get some second opinions on what colour scarf to get for my chocolate birkin. I don't own any and have only recently started being obsessed with them. :drool:

    I really don't know anything about the scarves names..just know I would love one to match my chocolate birkin..colour wise. :shame: Thanks to lolo, I'm now looking at a few on luxury scarves but I just can't decide on one!

    Would black & gold look better, browns, orange or something red? I much prefer the classic look..not into loud colours..:Push: Any opinions anyone? Help me decide!!

    Thanks heaps in advance.;)
  2. I would love something that's white base..with colors of orange, chocolate, and red on it.
  3. Something beige.
  4. i just ordered a pocket square off the H web site that would be beautiful with your bag. it's called "les capucines." hopefully the attached photos will appear intact.
    lescapucines-1.jpg lescap2.jpg
  5. :yes: ooh...thanks Bete!...didn't think of green before...:nuts:
  6. i like orange and brown mmmm jaffas
  7. Bete - I ordered the same square yesterday!
  8. Jenifer -

    you have good taste! i also picked up the "les pivoines" scarf in orange - can't wait to see them.
  9. Orange is lovely with brown. I have "Les Boxes" in orange and it would look lovely with a Chocolate bag!
  10. U can also try fucshia with chocolate! It is gorg!
  11. Ahh!! I'm more confused than ever! :confused1: All suggestions are gorgeous! I just want to buy one of each colour now...:hysteric: .

    By the way, is a 90cm scarf too big/long for a 30cm birkin? Or what size will look better? Thanks!
  12. Are you close to an Hermes store at all? Coz it'd be much easier and more fun if you could just pop in and try the different designs and colours on your bag.

    Wrt scarf size, I find the 90cm kinda on the big side, you'd have to sorta double tie/loop it for it not to go past the end of the bag. A twilly or pocket square is much more manageable.

    Hey, I just noticed you're in Oz! Whereabouts? I'm in Vic:smile:
  13. Hello mate! I'm in Sydney! I know I should really just pop in the store. But it's been hectic at work and browsing online's so much easier!

    Besides I would hate to make them pull everything out to show me when I'm already undecisive as it is! I'm one of those who just can't decide and always end up buying more than I wanted initially! Fiancee will dump me if I walk in there and came out with 5 scarves!:crybaby:
  14. Lol! I understand:smile:) But you know, I still recommend going to the store, if you have a bit of time, coz online and in-store is very different, not just in terms of the actual look (sometimes the actual colours are a bit off on your monitor) but also in terms of stock.

    Just go in there with a limit in mind (and an iron will, lol). Keep to that limit +one or two, hehe. Hey, and don't worry about getting them to pull out scarf after scarf! They'll be happy to assist you to get the right one!