HELP! What purse for wedding?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm going to the wedding of my ex, and the woman he cheated on me with on Saturday....I have no idea why but I'm going.........I got a new dress....and don't know what I need to carry. I'm currently carrying a large black lily or a large miranda in bordeux....can I carry either of those? Are they too big? What do I do? Do I need a clutch? Here's the dress, thanks for advice.

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  2. Oh jeez...well, I say knock their socks off w/ your black's so classy and will look great w/ that gorgeous dress. You will look so cute! I think you're gonna take some attention off of the bride!:graucho:
  3. I totally agree with LA! Rock that Lily!
  4. i agree with LAltiero85
  5. I like the bordeaux Miranda. It will really pop against your all-black outfit, making you look very chic! :tup: Although, my first choice would be a clutch. I think a clutch would look the best for a wedding. Since you're wearing a black dress, I'd say a clutch in any color will really pop. Gold, white, black, red, etc.
  6. I agree on the clutch verdict!
  7. The metallic Bridgit would look great w/ your dress and it's smaller and dressier.
  8. Thanks to all of you for your advice....I need it, and I knew I would find it here. I am really never a spaz about stuff like this, but becuase it is the ex and his dirtbag ho.........I'M NOT BITTER, I'm being overly freakish about looking fab. I don't even know if that dress is appropriate.

    Does anyone know if the metallic bridgit sp? is like a clutch or is it more like a purse? Would that be too matchy with the grayish embroidery on the dress. Would something like a cute orange or pink clutch be wacky? Thanks again.
  9. I would do the metallic Bridgit for looking amazing.. but Lily if you want to beat the crap out of them both!
  10. I would say definitely a clutch for a wedding... the lily IMO would be too big...
  11. I agree that the Lily is too big for a wedding. I really like the little bag that Superstar posted and would recommend something that size. A metallic bridget would also be really hot though! I wouldn't spend the money on that one though unless you know you will used it for other events.
  12. I say you forget the bag and bring a baseball bat instead. Much more useful for this situation.
  13. Sorry to hear about your situation, and I don't blame you for wanting to wow them!

    I have the metallic Bridgit, and it's amazing!! I love it!! It's more than big enough for me to hold the stuff that I need for the day. I also have the rose and walnut color. I'm really a big fan of this bag, and before it's over, I will probably own one in every color, lol! You can dress it up or down, and I think the platinum one would be perfect! I have gotten SO many compliments on this bag, and some people have thought it was a Chanel!!
  14. :tup: TIA:boxing:!!! But seriously, I would say to go with a clutch too. You don't really want to deal with a large purse that day.