Help..what price should I pay??

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  1. this seller is new to eBay. does anyone this bag ISNT authentic? I compared it to 3 different bags that are sac HL. one has the LV facing the front and zipper pulls to the left that closes. the other closes to the right LV facing front. do they change the way the zipper pulls or is it a fake???

    The price now for a brand new is 335 plus tax 7.75% so how much should i bid on this? the max.???

    thanks guys

    does anyone know how it looks inside?? is there a flap?? underneath datecode?

    does anyone know LV can open locks or cut open? how much is it to buy a new lock???
  2. All of the LV locks are numbered. You can buy a new set of that number, which means the keys will work. You can order them by calling the LV number on their website.
  3. The first link you posted doesn't have enough pictures. Ask for more before you buy.
  4. Well, I got the bag...the first link. So I want to get a lock and key. how much does it cost? through LV?? can i go to the store and just get a set??
  5. Yes I belive you can go to a boutique but they will replace the lock and key for a price-not sure how much though, sorry!
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