Help! What now? Please walk me thru this...

  1. I'd love some advice- I haven't ever had this happen but the time has finally come...I just sold a preowned collectors item (handbag) and described it very carefully. It is used, but in great shape. I described it very well and had clear pictures. I wrapped it nicely with a note-sent right way, etc. I just got an email from the buyer who said that she's not happy with the bag, that it was not as described and wants a refund. It's so tricky when you sell a used item. Even though I had indicated that I don't except refunds, I emailed back and said that I was sorry that she wasn't happy with her purchase, that I would happily refund her money once I receive the bag.
    I just checked her out on toolhaus and apparently she has done this quite a lot before. Many sellers said that she has purchased and demanded a refund after using the item for several months; that she has demanded refunds and has kept the item, seller/buyers beware, etc. Uh oh. I don't want negitive feedback!

    How do you refund $ anyway? I guess you lose out on shipping costs and ebay doesn't refund you for a failed transaction, correct? I am not insured either that after I refund her that she'll leave appropriate feedback afterwards, right?

    How would you all handle someone who has a track record of doing this and leaving negitive feedback, while trying to protect yourself? I feel like I'm walking on eggshells with her and she's in the drivers seat now...:sad:
  2. Based on what you know about her I might be tempted to tell her that your policy, which is stated in your auction, is that you do not take returns. That said, I had this same thing happen once and I told the buyer that I did not take returns, she sent the item back anyway so I was stuck, I refunded her money and yes, she neged me.
  3. You need to try and not remain too concerned about the feedback so that you protect yourself and your investment. Her feedback left history for other auctions would certainly minimize the impact that a negative would have on your reputation.

    How did she pay? If you described accurately, I wouldn't refund the shipping cost. It is also common practice to have her cooperate in the 'mutually cancelled or refunded' in the dispute process to ensure full credit of your Ebay Valuation Fees prior to issuing a refund.

    Unless she paid via PayPal, I would also be tempted to tell her that you do not accept returns.