Help! What nail polish to wear with fuschia dress?

Dec 3, 2008
Hi Ladies! Would love to get your ideas on a nail colour choice. I have a wedding to attend this weekend, and am going to wear a fuschia (deep-but-bright pink) dress. The colour is similar to that of this dress but the cut is a bit fancier. Will either be wearing black strappy shoes with a small 'diamond' (not really) accent, or light charcoal sandals. Bag will be charcoal or black, depending on the shoes.

What mani / pedi colours would you recommend? Normally I'd go with a deep purple (e.g., Essie Sexy Divide), or cool blue-green (e.g., ChG Watermelon), but the wedding is for my boyfriend's boss' daughter, so I'd like to keep it a bit more conservative (not that Sexy Divide is *that* crazy...).

I generally steer clear of sheers and pinks, but do have a handful of those shades kicking around. Oh, and I'm Asian with light-med warm skin, but I feel I look best in cooler colours.

Thanks in advance for your input!!


May 21, 2009
If I were wearing that gorgeous fuschia dress, I'd opt for a black or dark grey. The contrast would be very pretty. I think anything else might clash with the color of the dress. Or, rather than deep purple, try a deep wine/burgandy? You might have to play around and see what works best before the wedding.

Post some pictures of options and we can help you decide.
Aug 24, 2008
For conservative options: Black, charcoal, grey, silver, french manicure. I personally would wear a deep teal, because it goes beautifully with the fuschia and is a great summer/fall color.


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Jul 30, 2006
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For conservative options: Black, charcoal, grey, silver, french manicure. I personally would wear a deep teal, because it goes beautifully with the fuschia and is a great summer/fall color.
WOW I thought I would be the only one to suggest a teal! I think contrasting colors always look nice.


Jun 18, 2007
I would go for a neutral metallic color like platinum/gray, silver, beige or bronze.
Dec 3, 2008
Duh, I didn't even think to consider dark charcoals and metalics! *facepalm* :biggrin:

I keep my nails too short to do french tips (and I'm too spazzy to paint them properly), but will definitely try out some of the other combos. Unfortunately my camera battery is deader than dead right now, so pics will have to wait. I don't have a whole lot of nudes (still searching for my perfect nude) but a vampy eggplant like OPI's Eiffel For This Color might work (if I can ever apply it properly, it's always a streaky mess for some reason!).

I love the idea of teal too... ChG's Watermelon Rind is sort of teal-ish, maybe I will post some pics of that combo tomorrow and see what y'all think!

Thanks again, keep the ideas coming, I'm loving these suggestions!
Dec 3, 2008
What colours do you have in your collection? Maybe we can work on one that you already own instead of spending money on a new polish. :smile:
My thoughts exactly, Babevivtan! :smile: Totemama, I'm not huge on 'classic' colours either... this 'conservative' thing would be hard if vampies didn't qualify!

I do have rather a lot of polish. Based on suggestions so far, I think these might work:

- MAC Nightfall (dark charcoal shimmer - close to black)
- Essie Over The Top (dark charcoal shimmer)
- ChG Awaken (dark grey metallic)
- ChG Devotion (medium silver metallic)
- ChG OMG (light silver holo)
- Zoya Harley (this looks kind of odd w/ my skintone...)

Burgundy / purple:
- OPI Eiffel For This Color
- Essie Sexy Divide (might lean too blue)
- ChG Midnight Ride
- ChG Let's Groove
- Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Vixen (deep bluish pruple shimmer)
- Essie Damsel in a Dress
- ChG Stroll

- ChG Watermelon Rind
- Zoya Akyra
- Misa Toxic Seduction
- Misa Dirty Sexy Money
- ChG DV8 (lawyers and brides love seeing holo's on their guests, right? ;) )
- Orly Enchanted Forest

- Essie Body Language
- Essie Secret Affair
- ChG White-Kwik-Silvr
- ChG Tinsel
- Zoya Maria
- Finger Paints Bare Canvas (or some similar name, it's a beige/nude)
- Essie Nude Beach
- Essie True Love (barely shows up!)

- ChG Strawberry Fields
- Zoya Moxie
- ChG Emotion
- ChG Fly

Okay, so obviously, in addition to being indecisive, I also have a polish buying problem. :biggrin:


May 30, 2007
Sunny Island
The other members have good suggestions. Personally, if I want to be conservative, I wld choose Pale/Nude/Sheer or Pinks.

And oh Pinks so that your nails match your dress wld be sooo cute (I am biased cos for today, I have my nails painted in pink to match my pink belt :smile:)! So I'll concentrate on the Pinks and have done a search for the colours:

- ChG Strawberry Fields ( is interesting with the gold specks

- Zoya Moxie ( is more a berry colour and not really pink, right? More like a mix of red and purple? And a tinge of pink?

- ChG Emotion ( and Ok, I gather this is a metallic, am not super into metallics...but that is just me.

- ChG Fly ( This is a purple, not a pink, yar?

From the above, I wld pick ChG Strawberry Fields. It is pink, matches with the outfit (dress) and is interesting plus in a finish I like (non-metallic).

Just my 2 cents' worth. Hope I have helped a little. And have fun at the wedding!


J'aime ma vie!
personally I would go with a metallic color, pale/nude, or french. I think all would look amazing.... and if it wasn't for a wedding but just casual I would go with something funky like a teal color but for a wedding it's not me.

Let us know what you pick. :smile: