HELP, what LV to get???

  1. Hi all,

    I wanted to get a small, almost clutch like LV in the classic monogram. Maybe with a small strap.. would this be the pochette, or is there a smaller version?

    All opinions welcomed, TIA:heart:
  2. How about a Trotteur? Not really a small strap, but a shoulder strap. I love mine!
  3. what about pochette marelle?! *refer to sandra's gorgeus picsss on many different ways of carrying it* :heart:
  4. hi there. hmm.. i would recommend a speedy 25 or speedy 30. coz it's soooo much practical:love:. but a pochette is a great start. :yes:

  5. Pochette it..




    Lagoon clutch


    Marelle..Sandra has it..check visual

    Mini ellipse..
  6. Mini pochette accessoires is smaller and has a chain attached. Very cute.
    Lagoon clutch is also smaller and adorable.
    Good luck!

  7. Who is this that everyone is mentioning?? Sorry, im new
  8. hi, i'm sandra :welcome:. and yes, the Pochette Marelle would make a good clutch; you can use it as a shoulder bag as well :yes:


    pochette marelle 002.jpg pochette marelle shoulder 003.jpg
  9. OH WOW, Hi!!!!

    Thanks sooo much for the pics, I love IT!!!! I think the Pochette Marelle might be the one.... :yahoo: :nuts:
  10. Love the Marelle! so cuuuute!
  11. I use my pouchette assecoire for evening (I want the extender for it) and when not in use for evenings it doubles has an assecoires pouchette in my speedy 30 or bag ever and can be used in two different ways and the price was LV SA recommended that one to me so glad that she did....
  12. The pochette marelle is really cute, and a very excellent choice for a clutch!