Help What LV Bag is this??

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  1. I love this bag, can you experts tell me what its name is, and color too? Anyone know the availability?

    Thanks :smile:

  2. That is the Olympe Nimbus.
  3. Ahh thank you, is it available still, or one of the Limited Edition bags? I dont want to spin my wheels calling if its not around any more.
  4. Oh yeah... the color is Ecru if I'm not mistaken.

    There are still some available in the US. I suggest calling 866 to see if they can ship it to you. ;)
  5. Thanks John, I never think of that cause I am so used to Neimans and my Incircle points!!
  6. Maybe you can ask your SA at that NM to see if they can transfer the Nimbus to that store? :nuts:

    I realllllly do hope you get it! :tup: