Help! What leather is it?

  1. I have three Hermes items that have unknown leather type. Can anyone help identify the leather type? Thanks for your help.

    1. Bolide handbag
    2. Pacha bracelet
    3. Kelly Diuble Tour bracelet

    (3 photos for each item)
    BrownBolide.jpg BolideModeling.jpg corner1copy.jpg Fancybuckle1copy.jpg RollupView3copy.jpg
  2. More photos
    DoubleTour1.jpg leather2.jpg
  3. bolide looks like epsom
  4. my guess is courchevel (or epsom) for the Bolide and boxcalf for the bracelets
  5. belt maybe a saddle leather
  6. More photos.
    FancyCloseup1copy.jpg leather1.jpg
  7. yeah, bolide looks like epsom to me. i don't know about the pacha bracelet. But the kelly double tour looks like box in the 1st shot.
  8. I agree that the Bolide looks like epsom (just went to look at my ASAP and it appears to be the same....). A very durable, lightweight leather! I cannot comment on the other items, but am sure you will have other valuable advice, Christi!
  9. The Bolide is either courchevel or epsom...if we knew the year of the bag that might shed some light on which.
    The double tour looks like box.
    I am stumped on the belt but it does not look like box to me. It is not barenia, either...
  10. You know, that Pacha bracelet could be ebene barenia...possibly. (BTW, modeling pics! pleeeeze??!)
    I need to sniff it to be sure! Could be chamonix, too matte for box, IMHO.

    Same with the kelly DT--need a sniff. I think that one is chamonix, it too seems a little matte to be box....

    do you have date stamps on these beauties???

    ITA abou the bolide, epsom or courcheval, depending on the date.

    cool stuff cookie!
  11. i thought courcheval are only for small items.

    Is there a possibility that the pacha is evercalf?
  12. Evercalf is quite smooth and a little delicate, so I would guess no. Courchevel used to be used for bags but they switched to only doing it in small accessories several years ago (hence my wanting to know the year of the Bolide to guess which it was).
    Kelly DT could be chamonix...
  13. Date stamps:

    Bolide is J inside square.
    Pacha is K inside a square.
    Kelly Double Tour is H insise a square.
  14. Thanks Pepper. :smile:
  15. The Bolide is definitely epsom then...