Help! What leather are my bags???

  1. I don't know what my problem is...I can't remember what leather these are and I keep getting asked.

    I think my 40 BJ Birkin is Clemence, but it smells like Togo (is that weird?)
    35cm Potiron Kelly I think is Clemence...
    45cm HAC Birkin from the early 90's Ardennes?

  2. 40cm Blue Birkin
    35cm Potiron Kelly
    Birkin 1.JPG Birkin 2.JPG Kelly 1.JPG Kelly 2.JPG
  3. The Birkin and the Kelly look like clemence. The HAC looks like togo.
  4. I also think the Birkin and the Kelly look like Clemence, but I am no expert....
  5. ^^^ If the HAC is from the EARLY 90's, then it has to be Ardennes: Togo came out in the LATE 90's.....
  6. Thanks Duna!
  7. Is it possible I just went 3/3?

    I have one more for you, just to get you ready, I'm 99% sure it's either Courcheval or VGL...also early 90's.
  8. 32cm Gold Kelly
    Got in 1993 at Hermes in Philadelphia...
    I think it's Courchevel
    Gold Kelly 1.JPG Gold Kelly 2.JPG
  9. ^Definitely courchevel!
  10. I agree. The Blue Jean is def. Clemence.
  11. Yep def. Courcheval!
  12. Woohoo 4/4!!!

    I guess 20+ years (ouch) of Hermes shopping pays off!