HELP! What kind of dog do you think this is? *Pics*

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is our new puppy Coby. The following pictures are of him at one month old and now, six months old. We got him from an old neighbor of ours whose friend's dog's had puppies. She kept insisting that he was a maltese but don't malteses only come in white? I am almost 100% that malteses are all white only. So... my family and I have no idea what Coby is. He's about 13 pounds now and maybe a foot high. If you could give suggestions or opinions that would be great!


    - Anna

    P.S. Coby actually really is a handsome dog. We just gave him an at-home haircut so that's why he looks so unruly in the second picture.:push:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. He's cute! He looks like a mix of Black Lab and something else.
  3. He's adorable!!!

    I've seen pictures of Schnauser crosses, and your pup resembles them. Perhaps he is a maltese/schnauser cross?

    Or a shih-tzu/poodle?


    (The above is a picture from the website
  4. ^I agree with snowwhite!
  5. yep you're right, malteses can only be white. not too sure what coby might be, i definently see terrier in the face. very cute!
  6. He looks like a dog with maltese in him. Very cute puppy!!
  7. looks just like my grandmother's shih-tzu-poo (shih-tzu/poodle cross).
  8. no idea, some kind of mix. really cute pup.
  9. I have no idea but I want him, hes adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Now that I think about it, he looks kind of like a Maltepoo.

  11. Wait,im back.. my friend has one that looks like that cutie there and she says hers is a Portuguese Water Dog... :nuts:
  12. yep, Maltese are only white. He might have some Malt mixed in with something else though. My dog in my avatar is a Maltese. He could be a mix of a short-haired breed with a Maltese maybe. Whatever he is though he sure is cute!
  13. He looks like a maltese,terrier cross and he's cute as a button.
  14. I would gues Maltepoo as well (Maltese Poodle mix). I used to have a Pomapoo (Pomeranian Poodle Mix) and they have similar faces/hair.
  15. Thanks for the advice/opinions everyone! I guess we'll never know for sure. Our vet doesn't know either but he suggested terrier and poodle but even then - he said there has to be some other stuff in there as well.

    I think something to think about is that Coby doesn't shed at all so maybe there might some poodle/maltese in him? He's also very stubborn and was very hard to train. We're still trying to get him potty trained. :nuts: