Help! What is this turquoise beauty? *Pic*

  1. Hello,

    Can anyone give me any information on this bag? I'm not sure if it is a handbag (I read in another thread that a similar bag is called a wallet w/ handle). Not sure about the size, color or price either.

    TIA! :smile:

  2. that's so pretty! It looks a bit longer than the wallet with chain that I've seen.
  3. i think it's probably the wallet on chain from the perforated line
  4. Love that color- very pretty!
  5. I saw the ones in red and white perf. SO NICE! But I can't get over the fact that i have to pay $1300CDN for a wallet. The strap can double up (tuck chain under flap) and be used as a shoulder bag. The ones i saw were about 5" x 7".
  6. I think the color is supposed to be green, but the flash changed the color.
  7. its cute but not a fan of the perforated, reminds me of basketball uniforms :biggrin:
  8. Thank you guys!

    Oh, it is only 5 x 7? I guess I will have to reconsider than, as that is a bit small, sigh.
  9. The perfo ligne really has some unique and fun colors. I actually really like the perfo in small bags and accessories.