HELP! What is this PYTHON Prada called and what's the price?

  1. Hi, just curious about this, I don't know much about Prada but this bag is beautiful!! anyone know the original price? or what should i buy it for? and what's it called?

    thanks so much!
    pradaa.jpg prada4.jpg
  2. anyone have anything on this??
  3. I looked at your post earlier. Can't say I've ever seen this one before. It's either vintage, made for the Euro market only or, shall we say, of questionable breeding.....

    I'm going to go with the Euro or vintage possibilities though. The fact that it appears to have leather lining and the leather matches the blue on the outside of the bag is typical of Prada. Can you get more pics? What have you been told about it? That looks like a consignment store in the background. Is that where the bag is?

    Edit note: I've also seen those chains used on older Prada bags as well.
  4. gotcha... so you think it's fake? how do i tell if it's fake or not?
  5. No, I'm not saying I think it's fake. I'm saying that's one of the possibilities.

    I was leaning toward the "vintage/Euro market" option. There just isn't enough detail in the pics to give an honest opinion on its authenticity.